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Who Was Thomos Edison In English Part 2

Who Was Thomos Edison In English Part 2

So one day in the boogie where this printing press was installed caught fire and Addison’s press burned to ashes. He had learned how to recreate the printing press if he wanted but by then he had understood it too That there is not much benefit in the newspaper business. So what to do now? He couldn’t find a gold ear. He pulled his head out of the train window and saw the telegraph poles running along the track and thought something.
He knew there were thousands of message signals running through the wires on these poles. While selling newspapers, he visited the Telegraph offices and heard the ticking sounds of machines. He took the message with codes to the Telegraph operators and put it into words. Saw him decoding. He thought if he could make a printing press why not a telegraph machine. Just like he thought a duck could hatch babies from eggs so why can’t he.
But now apparently he was matured if he could make a telegraph machine it was really a gold ear door for him but the telegraph machine was more complicated than the printing machine. Staying close to it to understand it printing It was much more important than the pressmation. So Addison decided to become a telegraph operator. But the problem here was who taught him the hard hard codes of telegraph?
So friends don’t know why it happens every time you decide to do something, Nature, Nature helps you to the fullest, this is what happened to Addison. Addison was fifteen years old at 18 years old. He gave a three year old child. Saved from dying after being hit by a train. The baby’s father wanted to repay Addison for his favor but Addison refused. And said if they really want to help him teach him somehow telegraphy Or tell someone who could teach him this. Now see the coincidence that the man himself knew telegraphy. He taught Addison the codes of telegraphy to save his son’s life. Now Addison has stopped selling newspapers and Telegraph became an operator. At that time, the US was on civil war forces, America was divided in two parts, bloodshed was everywhere, news was full of news from all sides, the telegraph machines kept receiving messages of the latest situation of war.
That’s why Addison was busy all the time during work but this job wasn’t his destination. Here he just came to see what rocket science is in the telegraph machines that he couldn’t understand. His co-operators just like third job Killing time and going home, but Addison continues to understand the telegraph machine during work. He took note of the difficulties there were in sending and receiving signals.
When the civil war ended in the United States in the 18th and the workload was slightly lessened, Edison went back to creating his ideas, the telegraph machine. He had learned a lot about the machine during his service, now he dey Left the shift and started working night shift.

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