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Who Was Thomos Edison In English Part 1

Who Was Thomos Edison In English Part 1

A three-year-old was gathering eggs with his mother on his small animal farm. He ate a duck sitting on the eggs. He kept looking at it with interest and surprise. He asked his mother, ‘Mommy, why does this duck sit on eggs? Is it?  The mother said, ‘She sits on the eggs and waters them, which then comes out of the eggs.’ When the little child heard this, his little brain had several questions. The mother returned home with the baby, and the baby disappeared shortly after. Done.

Poor mom kept looking for her baby all day. But when she found her, she was in the same farmhouse where she went in the morning. The baby was sitting on them collecting some eggs, putting them on a pile of ash. He was a curious kid wanted to see that That if a duck can sit on eggs and make babies why can’t it. Now maybe there’s no need to mention the eggs were broken.

The actions of the three-year-old child were very funny, but his curiosity made him the greatest scientist of his time. The world today knows this child as Thomas Alva Edison. I am Shahzad bey and watch and listen to who was that series. We are showing you the first part of the biography of the great scientist who changed the world, back in the 18th century. Abraham Lincoln was preparing to become the president of the United States and the country had a civil war atmosphere.

In this era, a train from Port Heron to Detroit in Michigan, America, Michigan, a twelve-year-old boy Thomas Addison used to sell newspapers and toffians. He was a child of poor parents, he was heard giving him a little higher, but to say he was almost deaf. Def was. His teacher kicked him out of school three months later that his head was too big and thought he was missing the ability to remember things.

On whom his mother, who was a teacher herself, started teaching him compulsory at home. Destiny gave him very little, yes dreams though he had big big. He wanted to be a successful businessman, he wished him. That his name reached every house in America. For that big dream he had no intelligent brain but had no investment at all. Because no investment was willing to invest in him and he had no investment

Addison had a situation as a child that he would try to reproduce and sell whatever he could get his hands on. While selling newspapers, one day he figured why not take out his newspaper. He would go to the printing press to get newspapers and the machine Used to watch while working. He didn’t have a hard time understanding how a printing press worked because it used to be a simple press. He made his own little printing press while watching it and installed it in a train load buggy.

On the same machine, he himself started printing newspaper and selling it in train. People were seeing such a newspaper for the first time that a boy from the newspaper seller wrote it himself and arranged to send it himself. That’s why some people are curious about the same hobby in the same novelty They used to buy newspapers. But apparently this newspaper couldn’t compete with the big newspapers in the quality of news, so it’s equal to not being sold.

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