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Who Was Thomos Edison Its Inventoin In English Part 7

Who Was Thomos Edison And Inventoin

How did Addison handle this whole situation? It happened that Addison had made an electric bulb, but also his compitators, other businessmen, were also trying to make a better technology. They were also willing to make a huge investment in this effort in which They’ve been successful in developing a better bulb than Addison. Many business men were looking for someone as genius as Addison to help them develop and sell better technology than Addison.


They wanted to take Addison out of the market and set up a power supply business, wanted to take over completely as Addison was seen at the time. Then it happened that they got a genius from Addison’s company that they had Could have stood up against Addison. The name of this genius was Nicola Tesla, born in Croatia, chief scientist Nicola Tesla, was an employee of Addison in New York. But a weakness of Addison made Tesla her enemy.
Addison was accused of being a monster genius but also selfish. I mean blinking his eyes when he left. He once told Tesla if he fixed all his generators So he’ll give Tesla a fifty thousand dollar bonus Tesla who was his employee, he did a great job in the greed of bonus and fixed all the generators quickly. But when he arrived to get the bonus Adens said ‘Bonus wali I did What was in a joke.
It was a joke or a scam, but Tesla found it so hard. He left his job disappointed. Addison lost the employee to save fifty thousand dollars he didn’t know that the employee was going to be the one who was going to weigh heavy on his entire empire. Tesla soon He brought the technology compared to Addison to the market. It was the technology that was alternating current or AC. On the other hand Addison the electricity that the bulb was burning was DC or direct current.
Now the problem was that Addison’s DC current was low volt and could not deliver long distances. New powerhouse had to be installed every mile to deliver more distances, meaning new cost per mile New investment where Tesla’s AC current could light an entire city from a single powerhouse and a single powerhouse could power thousands of miles away. Now that was a game changer technology.
There was a game changer in Addison and JP Morgan’s Royals, their rival businessman and investors were waiting for a similar technology. They understood the idea of Tesla and poured dollars on it. A big business company Westang House The corporation bought AC current rights from Tesla for ten or fifteen lakh dollars. The birth of AC current has begun.
Many homes in New York started getting electricity supply from AC current. Now it should have been that Addison would have competed a business idea with a business idea. But he proved to be stubborn and egoistic. He thought his technology was everything. Better than and has no competitor by far. In this delusion or misconception he started trying to stop the spread of AC current.

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