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Who Was Thomos Edison, Invented Electricity Bulb In English Part 10

Who Was Thomos Edison, Invented Electricity Bulb

After the failure in the electricity business, it was the second chance that Edison’s business was on the brink of destruction. But this time Edison was smart, he knew that business is bargaining, not stubbornness. So he also bargained. He He bought the rights to the photoscope from Tomas Armat, owner of Fantoscope. Then he improved the Fantoscope and developed a cinema machine called Whitescope that blew all other competitors out of the market. Eighteen hundred sixteen after Vitascope. Me Addison made another cinema machine called Projective Scope.

Friends, the American cinema industry’s livelihood has been running on cinema machines for years, they were made by learning from Addison’s cinema machines. This is how the Hollywood film industry was born, motion pictures and dumb films of silent movies before the talk keys movies The era has begun. This revolution in technology would have been possible only through video rooms and projectors invented by Addison, which means we can say that if there was no Addison, the splendor of Hollywood and cinemas would have been in another way.

And yes, Addison’s Black Maria Studios also continued to make videos and 12 hundred films were made in twenty years. Since Addison was able to make both audio and video recording devices. So now he has made such a device now. Started an attempt in which the voice can be heard along with the video, i.e. the technology of turning dumb films into speaking films. It also got some success in it, but it couldn’t make it more better and more commercial useable.

This project was finished in 1919. However, some time later in the 1919s, some other scientists developed and brought to the market better and usable technology to make talking movies instead of dumb movies. But my curiosity fellows cinema machines And video cameras weren’t Addison’s final destination. He lived according to Sky’s the Limit. After success in motion pictures or videos, Edison has stepped into several other areas of the business.

The companies he founded used to manufacture fans, motors, gramophone, electrical equipment even medical equipment and plastic packaging. Every product in Addison had its name written on it, in every advertisement in each company it was claimed that from Addison Products Nothing better. So Addison’s name became a guarantee of quality, he became a brand in America, his dream of becoming a wealthy and business brand since twelve years old had come true.

Now he was getting old, apparently he got it all. But at the age where people can’t afford to waste a penny in their blood and sweat, Edison saw five million dollars burn in front of his eyes but ts Didn’t miss it. Dec 19-14. Edison’s West Orange NJ plant caught fire. Thirteen buildings burned to the ground. Edison was there and watched his lifetime’s earnings burn before his eyes. Had been.

But he neither had a heart attack nor had any problems. He said to his son Charles, son, go get your mother and all his friends. Such a sight of fire they will never see again. Charles probably heard his father. I thought the old man has been stoned, he was talking mischievous. But this old man was not stitched. He was taking a paper pen and making a list of things he needed to rebuild his plant. Seeing his action A reporter out there got curious.
He thought, just look at his loss, what is this man writing now?

When he asked Addison about this, Addison’s answer surprised him. Addison said I’m a third year old but I’ll start a new start tomorrow. Hearing this, like Charles, maybe a reporter on Addison’s mental health. Something suspicious. But Addison wasn’t joking at all. The damage to the plant was estimated when the fire brigade took control of the fire was thirty to fifty million dollars. Three two five million dollars but Addison caused this damage The news also made me laugh and laugh.

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