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Who Was Thomos Edison, Invented Bulb In English Part 11

He still had enough wealth to rebuild this plant. Although re-investing after a huge loss was a heart attack but Addison knew his name was a brand. As soon as his plant started working again Will do his profit will come back and the loss will be compensated. So he rebuilt the plant and completed his loss in a short time. Addison worked like a youngster even in old age, he went to his plants and every matter I loved guiding my workers.

But old age comes to never go, brings along many diseases. So Addison was starting to have a bad digestion. Kidneys were responding. While eating piety, there was a time when he stopped eating, now he only drinks milk. Had, or used to smoke cigarettes for leisure. When diseases left him unfit for much physical labor, he retired in nineteen hundred and sixty-six, handing his business over to his son Charles. Now he spends mostly with his friend Henry Ford. Used to be seen.

Henry Ford was an engineer in a company of Addison first and in the same time he became friends with Addison. After that Henry started a business of making cars in the name of Ford company. It is said that Addison has electric cars i.e. Electric cars were made and Henry Ford was going to buy one lakh batteries from Addison to build electric cars, but for some reason this deal could not be finalized. Even after this failed deal, the friendship of the two did not make any difference.

These two together created a group with some of their other friends called Vegabonds aka Wanderers. These guys shared and partied together. Addison had become a celebrity, living legend in Americans. He was the greatest discovery of his time. Or the inventor was considered and counted among America’s largest businessmen. Modern America was running on the technology it created so people were crazy about it.
Hardly a scientist in the world has ever received as much honor and fame and as much money as Addison did. Great celebrations should be celebrated in his honor. People would have asked him to listen to my Head A Little Lamb. This was the poem that was. He had recorded his first invention on phonograph. The press used to publish everything he said and every incident associated with it in headlines. But with time, Addison’s diseases were growing.

When Addison was living in West Orange New Jersey in Nineties, he was very ill and fell out of bed. Reporters camped outside his home in West Orange County, Addison was slowly heading towards death. And the news of a slight change in his condition also made headlines in American newspapers. Addison died at the age of Chorasi on October 18th,

His coffin stayed in his laboratory for two days where more than fifty thousand people saw it last. On the third night, US President Herbert Hoover requested people on the radio to cut off the electricity for a minute in memory of Addison. Do it. So the lights went out all over America at the same time. This is what America would have looked like without Addison. Addison was buried near his home in New Jersey.

A thousand hymn inventions are registered in the name of Addison. His monuments and sculptures were made in the United States, many institutions awarded in his name were ranked as historical sites or historical sites by preserving the buildings associated with him. Friends, have you ever thought of an idea that would give a brand new look to an already existing technology? Must have come, let us know in the comments

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