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Who Was Thomos Edison In English Part 6

Who Was Thomos Edison In English

When Addison opened the doors of the laboratory, the restless people quickly entered a world that was offering a day view even at night. There were five bulbs lit in the laboratory, with the lights of hundreds of bottles of glasses kept in the laboratory. Was creating a stunning sky. This was an incredible scene at the time. Because the concept of the light bulb inside the rooms and so much light wasn’t at the time. Loved this new invention by Addison.
This new invention also made headlines in the newspapers. Addison’s electric bulb was a New Year’s gift to Americans. Now Edison could illuminate Mattin Hatton, an area of New York, according to his claims. But there were some legal obstacles, meaning the same bureaucracy. K Issues, this permit, that NOC, application here, sign there etc.
Thankfully Addison completed these steps and got permission to supply electricity to Manhattan.
Now the massive power supply required a bigger power house. Big power house meant big investment. Which apparently wasn’t an issue for Edison anymore. America’s wealthiest people were ready to splash money on his ideas like water. Were. JP Morgan was among the same wealthy people. The same JP Morgan who owned a company the Titanic ship. The same J.P Morgan was also an investor of Edison, Morgan was sure it was the best business investment.
All the money will come back with huge profits if America’s homes get lit up. So with the help of JP Morgan, Addison built a power house in Pearl Street in the Lowerman Hatton area. Here are thirty ton generators weighing, below The Earth’s power wires were scattered. Then on September four, the one square mile area of Lowerman Hatton started to glow with lights as we pressed a button in the power house. Streets and houses were illuminated with electric bulbs.
It was a huge jump in human development until before man went to the moon. But this jump cost Adison, the magician of Man Low Park. Because now even the idols of stone carved by his hands were standing in front of him. This How did that happen? Who were they? One day Addison was watching his lifetime earnings burn in front of his eyes but wasn’t trying to put out the fire. Instead, he was noticing something on a paper what was he noticing?
What is Addison’s favor on the world’s film industry that can never be denied? Here’s the second and final part of Addison’s biography to see it all. Here’s who is the Sassiarra who was like a naughty child, who delivered the rest of the street bulbs to a house, was now darkened by despair when Addison’s life. His same project failed.
He had set his head up to make a light bulb, but someone else was going to make the electricity for that bulb and Addison was losing everything. Not only that but his lifetime’s earnings at one point in front of his eyes The opposite of fire broke out and everything burned to ashes. And this is the story when Pakistan’s nuclear secrets reached America.

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