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Who Was Thomos Edison In English Part 5

Who Was Thomos Edison In English

These barricades were named flamant. But Edison himself used to say that the idea was only one percent of any project and the remaining ninety percent is fulfilled by hard work, so he started working on the same ninety percent. The first stage i.e. creating a vacuum in the lamp, bulb was not very difficult. It could have been done in his laboratory. The real difficulty was the preparation of the wires i.e. flaments attached to it.
The question was, what material will this flament be made of, a material that can pass current and can withstand current? Because scientists didn’t know about such material until then. Edison was the first to make a paper flament. But when current passed through it, it fell into pieces. After that, like a row of elements took place.
Anything that comes in front of Edison and his team, anything that comes in the way of Metell, passes the current to see if the bulb is on? In this insane method they tested horse hair, coconut fibers, spider webs, even beard hairs of some employees. But no element was standing in front of current. Once platinum flamingo experiment was successful but Platinum was a very expensive metal. It was impossible to use commercially.
If it was used, the bulb would obviously be so expensive that the common American and the world wouldn’t be able to buy Addison wanted to make a cheap bulb that could deliver to every home. So he rejected the platinum flamingo and his team Instructed Ko to continue experiments. After almost a year of brainstorming and six thousand materials tests, Addison’s team succeeded in creating a cheap and quality flamingo. And this was carbon flamingo.
Although this controversy or controversy exists in history till today that whose head should the invention of carbon flamant be bound? Edison head or one of his employees black employee Edward Lewis Letty Mir head? Many people, including West Indies famous cricketer Michael Holding, think the origin of Flamant was not Addis Ababa. People supporting the black employee, think white racists are the credit for making Addis Ababa flamant. He has done injustice to the blacks by giving.
History has been distorted. Now carbon flamingo is made by Letty Mir, but its commercial advantage was taken by Addison anyway. He had prepared an electric burning bulb. Now was the time to test it. Eighteen hundred Anasi, 1879 by him Burned the bulb with carbon flamingo and managed to keep it lit for 13 hours. It was an invention that was about to bring a huge change in the world. So Addison announced the exhibition of his same invention on the occasion of New Year.
As soon as the announcement was made, people from far away started trying to reach the exhibition. There was a nice crowd gathered outside Adison’s laboratory on the night of December 18th. They were excited to see the light bulbs instead of gas lamps outside the laboratory. But apparently the actual display was inside the laboratory.

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