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Who Was Thomos Edison In English Part 4

Who Was Thomos Edison In English

He wanted to become America’s largest brand. In eighteen hundred inches Addison established his own laboratory and workshop in the Main Low Park in the New Jersey area. The workshop was spread over forty acres. He got America’s best scientists and engineers to work here. Zam Laid and developed a great intelligence team. Here he wanted to invent invent inventions that he could immediately prepare for the common people and bring to the market. So he could earn more profit in less time than less hard work.
Such inventions didn’t even require much thought. Scientists were trying to create everything from electricity to sound and image recording machines. But it was all happening in the closed environment of laboratories. All this in the form of a research work Was happening. Many technologies hadn’t been commercialized yet. On the contrary, Edison’s advantage was that she knew the art of commercializing technology.
So Addison did this to create things using the first ever existing technologies that ordinary people could use. Because of his own amazing inventions, he was called the magician of Manlove Park. The first invention of these inventions was phonograph. This record N G Kay was such a simple device that the sound recorded on it could be heard with only a pin and that too clearly.
The first voice on the phonograph was also done by his inventor Thomas Edison, in which he sang the famous children’s poem, Mary Head A Little Lamb. This cylinder-like machine is actually Edison’s phonograph, which was the first commercial device for recording voice. This invention There was a shock in America. The US President and Congress called Edison to see the perfection of this device. Later, the same device reached door to door in America in the name of Gramophone.
Friends, there was a difference between phone graph and gramophone. These were different devices. And gramophone was not even an invention of addison, but it was invented later. But the name of gramophone became so famous that in this era many recording devices started to be called gramophone. But Phonograph or gramophone was just the beginning. Another idea came out of the magician scientist’s track that once again surprised everyone.
This was the idea of lighting up every American home. The nights of America and Europe started to light up before eighteen fifty. The power towers were also installed and the streets had big arc lights lit up at night. But the problem was that these arch lights gave so much light and caused so much heat that they couldn’t be used in homes. They could only be hung high on parks or crossroads.
People in their homes used to manage electricity with gas or oil. So in eighteen hundred and eighteen Addison dung in front of reporters that he would soon electrify American families. Now such a great scientist when he claims this So the Americans were supposed to wait so they started waiting Addison thought if a common lamp was lit with electricity instead of oil or gas. So her light will go up and not even sting in the eyes like an arch light. She guessed that if air is extracted from the lamp, that is to create a vacuum and then insert some fine wires into that lamp The lamp will be lit if the current is passed.

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