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Who Was Thomos Edison In English Part 3

Who Was Thomos Edison In English Part 3

The night shift wasn’t much of work, but there was plenty of time for experimenting and reflection. He wondered, why so many telegraph operators are needed to operate these machines? Is it possible to send messages to multiple places at the same time from the same machine? He thought it was all possible, if he tried, so he began designing telegraph machines that could do it all. Addison worked as a telegraph operator for seven years, but it wasn’t just a job.

During that time, he had learned so much that he could make his own telegraph machines round the sack bed of old machines, the same machines he had been operating for seven years. In eighteen hundred years, Addison quit his job. It was time to make money based on what I learned from working as a Telegraph Operator. He had reached Boston roaming around many cities during his job.

But after quitting the job, he took his way to New York. He had only a few dollars in his pocket, but his real treasure was his mind, which treasured thousands of ideas. When he treasured the New York City business. Some kind people liked his ideas when opened in front of the mains. These kind people started getting investment and with that money Addison started working on his ideas of modern telegraph.

But his first invention was not about telegraph machines, know what was the first invention? There is a lot of talk about electronic voting all over the world, including Pakistan. But the world’s first electronic vote record was invented by Addison in eighteen hundred and a half years ago. But this invention could not have been commercialized. Politicians are hesitating to use this invention. Were. Maybe they were afraid of election rigging because of this invention.

So Edison decided he would only design things that have market value in the future, that would have buyers in large numbers available so he went back to his old ideas of telegraph machines because they Demand for machines was rapidly increasing in the market. Then it soon happened that the automatic telegraph, the multiplex telegraph that sent messaging to multiple locations simultaneously, and printing machines revolutionized the world of messaging.

As soon as I saw a box of old machines went round and a sting of Addison’s name started ringing all over. Addison was successful that his prayers came running towards him. Big investors jumped in the field and filled the addison’s swing notes. Addison The experience he gained after working as a telegraph for seven years has successfully cashed it in the next seven years. The telegraph business was really a gold ear for him.

By the age of thirty, he had become a successful wealthy businessman. But this wealth was still far less than his expectations than he imagined. He wanted to fly very high. So he decided to build his own business empire. Such a business empire. Designed and produced things that will blow the viewers’ senses.

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