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Who Was Thomos Edison And Invent Bulbs In English Part 8

Who Was Thomos Edison And Invented Bulb

This clash between Addison and Tesla was remembered in history as War of the Currants. In War of the Currantes Addison played every dirty trick, every bad game at his saying the animals were killed with an AC current even Addison He advised a human to use AC current to give death penalty. He was doing all this because AC current was the invention of his opponent Tesla and he was the AC current to compete with Tesla. Instead of AC current, he went to defame Kawuchhe with handcuffs.

Even after hiding thousands of pamphlets against AC current, all this was done to prove AC current dangerous, the name of Tesla and this current can be defamed in the market. People are afraid of this current and This technology may flop. But can any technology be out of the market only on the power of propaganda? New and affordable technology is not only hard to beat even better. Addison was stubborn but his business partner JP Morgan got the point.

He learned that Addison’s insistence could drown all his investment. So he did what Addison did to Tesla to stay in the electricity market. That is JP Morgan himself without considering his old relationship with Addison Gharzhiyai created his own separate power company in the name of General Electric. Since Addison’s power company was also running on Morgan’s investment, he also merged this company into General Electric. Although the shares of Addison remained in the new company. But the authority of decisions went to JP Morgan.
Addison’s last hope in this whole situation was to get an electric supply contract at the World Columbian Exhibition in Chicago.

The exhibition was held on the 400th anniversary of Columbus discovering the United States. To be held in 18h00 Tranway Wally would have been some face saving for Addison if General Electric had gotten the contract to light this display with electricity. Because General Electric was still using DC current made by Addison. But apparently this current compared to AC. Was a lot too expensive.

So when it was time to bid for power supply, General Electric bid ten million dollars while Westing House Electric bid only five million dollars half of it. This was the last defeat of Addison’s DC current, rather his death. After Addison got out of the electricity business and General Electric also started slowly moving his plants to AC current. All this was the result of Addison’s stubbornness, his hypocrisy

If he would have flexed his attitude and started using AC current himself instead of DC earlier, he probably wouldn’t have been out of the electricity business. But his ego beat him. Addison first time in a ruthless business competition Co had to taste the poison of defeat and that too by the hands of his employee as he was forced to quit his job for just a few dollars. After that failure his opponents were thinking that now Edison’s light has gone off and that Quenya Big project can’t get started

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