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Who Was Thomos Edison Also Invented Light In English Part 9

Who Was Thomos Edison Also Invented Light In English Part 9

But there were still a lot of ideas left in the Man Low Park’s magician’s trap. He put his hands in the trap and took out the video camera. The eyes of the viewers were left open again. Addison once again sold the old technology to the better. Video Camera technology was old. Many people including British scientist Moe Bridge were working on it since eighteen hundred. When the images made from cameras were attached to a circle, these images seemed to be moving. So they have motion Pictures i.e. moving pictures were also called.

But sometimes it took several cameras to gather those pictures. Or take the pictures out and put them together separately. Now Addison had a camera that was powered by electricity and took pictures on a strip of celluloid in the same camera Used to be made. This camera was named Kineticgraph. A device kinetic scope was invented to play the images taken from this camera in the form of video. A celluloid strip of images would have been placed in this device. Then this device would have these images. Used to play in the form of a video.

Had to bring the eye closer to the lens attached to it in order to see the video. Addison also built a studio called Black Maria in West Orange, New Jersey, twenty-one miles from her laboratory in Manlow Park. Did mass videos here at 184 Recorded. Addison wanted to make videos or motion pictures a luxury, an entertainment for people. So he spread the net of Connective Scope studios across America. In these studios, a person could pay twenty cents to use a connective scope. Oni S I could watch the video

This invention made Edison popular again in the United States, and it took his business four months, but now the same problem occurred here that had emerged in the matter of electricity. That is, the camera as it did better Kar had started selling, well his camera and kinetoscope were busy trying to outdo his competitors. When one tries, the results come. So this was one thing Addison’s camera team Had it figured out too. This team gave Addison a job advice.

The suggestion was to create a projector that allows many people to watch videos at the same time. But Addison’s thought was different. He was thinking that now people pay separately to watch videos in Kineticope because at a time A single person can watch a video with a small lens of a kinetic scope but if the videos start playing on the big screen many people will start watching it at a time and its profit will be reduced. So in the greed of more profit this Diwali rejected the idea of building a projector and here he is once again beaten.

Because some people were working on the same idea on the same idea. And soon such devices came to the market that packed up the kinetoscope. First of all, two French scientists showed a video from a projector on a cloth screen in Paris in 18 hundred and fifty five French scientists Shocked. Then a projector by the name of Fantoscope came to the market in the United States, which is considered the first regular cinema screen today. And Edison’s cognitive scope was of no importance compared to this projector.

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