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Who Was Sultan Bayezid Awwal ?

Who Was Sultan Bayezid Awwal ?

A crusader attacked Sultan Murad in the Kosovar war and injured him severely. The wound was so deep that all the hopes of Sultan Murad’s survival were shattered. But Sultan Murad ordered his war commanders and Aziz Waqarba to obey his son Baizeed while leaving.

Sultan Murad’s last order supported the fact that the next Sultan of the kingdom is now Baizeed Hogabazeed, the first thing to do was to keep the news of Sultan’s death a secret. And send some of your loyal ones to your brother Yaqoob without wasting time.

Diya. The one who was gathering army in Ana towel according to his father’s order and was completely unaware of the situation of Jang Kosu. An undeclared tradition had already started in the Ottomans to avoid civil war for succession and to strengthen the kingdom.

Whose spirit the next king of the kingdom used to remove all the claimants of the kingdom’s succession from the way. And this is what the loyalists of Bayzeed had to do. They strangled Jacob with extreme privacy and removed him from the way before Baizid’s ego towel returned. Now Baizidi was the next sole heir of the Ottoman Empire.

This child, who was born around 1360 AD, became the next Sultan of the Ottoman Empire after the martyrdom of his father Sultan Murad in 139 AD. He was very brave, courageous and very emotional about Islamic victories. That’s why he paid special attention to military affairs and targeted the remaining crusades in Anna Towel. In a short period of one year, all the areas were made a part of the Ottoman Empire.

Baizid attacked Ena towel and Balkani or European fronts with such a lightning speed that he was given the title of Yaldram i.e. celestial electricity. Along with these victories, it was a real challenge for Sultan Baizid I to maintain this vast kingdom. Sultan Baizid Ol changed his war strategy a lot to strengthen the kingdom.

In view of the same war strategy, Sultan Bayazid I first established friendly relations with his close and major enemy, the Kingdom of Serbia, which recently also led to the Pulkani crusade alliance against the Ottomans, not only Shahil Azad. That battle of kosu he was killed by the ottomans that son Stephen was appointed ruler of Serbia but also married to the daughter of King Lazarus and Stephen’s sister Princess Despina.

Stephen was now ruling Serbia as an autonomous ruler, but in fact he was the ruler of the Ottoman Empire, whose wars included not only providing a fixed number of soldiers but also giving funeral services. Strategically, the Sultan wanted to create a wall or buffer zone between him and Hungary through the Serbian riches.
After friendly relations and agreements with the roads, Sultan Baizid in 13 hundred Taranway Esvi headed towards Bulgaria with a big lightning speed. And it has been taken over.

The entire population here has bowed their necks. Bill vehicles fell into action, chaos erupted all over Europe. All European crusader forces set to gather their forces again to fight Sultan and erase the name of the Ottomans from Balkan.

Occupation of Qustantinia was very important in the Jihadi program of Sultan Baizid Ol. The Sultan has approved the construction of mosques in Constantinia from the emperor of Qustinia to increase his influence in Qaza and the allocation of seven hundred houses within the city under pressure.
In addition to Jazia, permission was also taken that Muslims will be able to recite Azan in the city of Constantine. There on the other side of Europe a major military alliance was being formed. In addition to Germany, Balochia, France, England, Scotland, Italy and the southern sub-regions, it also included the cooperation of Shah Constantine, John Fifth Palo Logs.

The alliance had more than previously involved kingdoms and had a greater participation in the supply of arms, military equipment, wealth and armies. In this crusade, about twelve million soldiers were gathered who belonged to different nationalities.

Pope Boniface declared a crusade to defeat the Ottoman Empire in 13th century. When the United Crusaders of Roman rulers reached Hungary, the King of Hungary also joined the leadership of the alliance. The king of Hungary was so arrogant and he was so confident in his military might that he said if the sky falls from above, we will pick it up on spears.

These allied armies entered Bulgaria in 13 hundred Cheyanwa Christians. While Sultan Baizid was first siege of Kastania at that time. When the crusader allied forces reached the city of Veden, Bulgaria, the ruler of Weden, who was the servant of the Sultan opened the doors of the city. This united crusade has killed all the Ottoman security forces in the city.

This united army fell towards Hobbo. The local population in the city and the Ottoman army offered to surrender in front of defeat but the other crusader commanders did not accept. Hundreds of Muslims and Orthodox Christian citizens were killed and many more arrested.

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