Who Was Orhan Ghazi and Its Era Establishments

Who Was Orhan Ghazi and Its Era

After the death of Usman Ghazi, when Sultan and Khan became the throne, he adopted the policy of his father in government and victories. After nine years of siege, the victory of Barossa in 1363 AD brought the Ottomans closer to the second largest and important city of the Byzantine empire, Naisiahalia Aznak. The Ottomans surrounded the city from both sides and Khan Ghazi made Barosa his state capital and started advancing towards more areas.

The most important of them was Naisia or Aznik. In 13 hundred and eighty AD and Khan took siege of Naysia and conquered Naysia in 13 hundred and eighteen after a long siege. It was a great success of Naisia’s victory and Khan’s victory after Barosa. After the victory of Naisiaki, it was not a difficult task to conquer the Niko Media or the recent Aznik and the Bazantini rulers were well aware that soon Khan will conquer the media.

And so it happened. Soon and Khan attacked Niko media in 13 hundred and sixteen Christians and conquered it too. And Khan conquered the rest of the Bazantini areas of the Asian minority very quickly but how did Khan start victories in Europe and how did Islam make it possible to enter Europe? And Khan’s spouse was the daughter of a prince of a Bazantini area Yariya Sar, whom Usman Ghazi conquered in his lifetime.

And Holofera married her son and Khan. Who later converted to Islam and her new name was renamed Neelu Fur Khatun. With Barossa Nysia’s victory over Nico Media and Khan wanted to expand his newborn state to the west as well as slugging the Roman occupation into this new state. To achieve this goal, he established a permanent Islamic army on the advice of one of his ministers in Kandaharli.

Those who were given the name of Cheri. The army was built by undesirable children from Bazntini open areas who were introduced to Islam and Turkish traditions as well as a great military training. This was a modern trend and regular orderly army which used to be in the wonders of Director Sultan. Previously, the volunteers of different tribes fought war through Mujahideen. The establishment of Young Cherry was also one of the important achievements of Khan.

This regularly-organized army Young Cherry walked forward and made a profound impact on the Ottoman Umpire. After conquering the Niko Media, Sultan and Khan established the first Ottoman University here and appointed the famous Ottoman scholar Dawood Qaisari as its principal. Sultan and Khan wanted to fulfill the good news of the Prophet (peace be upon him) which the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) gave about the victory of Constantinople.

He drew up a very important strategy to siege the capital of Constantine from both east and west at once. To put this project into practical wear and Khan and his son Prince Suleiman Pasha conquered the areas very quickly on both sides. Shortly after the victory of Nico Media, Sultan and Khan conquered the Sehri city of Osca Dar, which was just in front of some Constantinople.

Friends, as you have been told before, it was part of the newborn vitamin umpire’s goals to inherit the kingdom of Rome in the Asian little. And those who were left under them. They should be dominated. At the end of the Slajka Rome, the governments of different leaders were formed on their occupation, who were called “Bi” in the local language. And the areas where they used to rule were called Belix.

The whole closet room divided into many blocks. Some were ruled by the Mongolian-supported Bay and Sardar and many were autonomous. Like and Khan had control of Soghat, Naisia, Nico Media, Trust and surrounding areas. Similarly, another strong Turkish government was also holding strong in Khan’s neighborhood. Whose name was the Kerasi building. In this war of power and government, all the balks or small big governments had only two ways or options.

Or take over your neighboring states and expand your all. Or bow your head in front of a strong state and merge in this state. Sultan and Khan, where the strong Bazntini Kingdom’s capital, were not unaware of the growing impact of the Karasi building in their neighborhood. There was a very special reason for this. The reason was that there were only two routes of entry into Europe from the East.

Either the strong capital of the state should enter from Constantinople or the other way was the Dara Daniyal, which passed through the areas under the building of Kerasi at that time. For Sultan and Khan, the way to Darra Daniyal was easy and safe, but the control of these areas was with crosses. According to some historians, Amir Kerasi died in the 13th and sixty sixes in Karasi state and Khan’s swing.

There was a dispute over life between the two brothers. Her elder son killed his younger brother by taking over the throne. Sultan and Khan supported the little boy to take revenge of his blood, he attacked Karachi. And so the big boy ran away after being defeated. Orkerasi building and Khan has been occupied.

Along with this, Sultan and Khan also made Ankara their subordinates. After conquering the Kerasi building, for the next twenty years Sultan and Khan turned their attention to national discipline and corrective matters rather than conquering any new territory. The system of the kingdom has been established on new lines. Increased the military power. Educational institutions were established for building mosques.

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