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Who Was Malik Tapar Ibn Malik Shah?

Who Was Malik Tapar Ibn Malik Shah?

With the death of Sultan Malik Shah, the fall of the kingdom of Seljuk began. Malik Shah, through his exceptional skills and arrangements, maintained peace and stability in the vast kingdom spanning from Afghanistan to Anatolia Turkey. Within a few years of Malik Shah’s death, Jerusalem slipped out of the hands of Muslims. Palestine was also occupied by Fatimais and the kingdom was divided into almost four major parts. Which were Syria, Iran, Iraq, Khurasan and Turkistan.

You were born in the womb of Malik Shah’s spouse with flames or safari woman in the womb of a thousand Beasi Christians. Your name is Ghayasuddin and Dunya Muhammad was named after you. When Malik Shah died, Muhammad Tapar was just eleven years old.

Muhammad Tapar’s elder step brother in one thousand one hundred five Christians died in Burqia Rob Baghdad and his son Malik Shah Dawim, who was just five years old, took the throne in the areas under the management of Burqia Robb. At the age of three, Muhammad Tapar took the run of the throne of Saljoki in his own hands, but his younger brother Ahmed Sanjar who was the governor of Khorasan.

Muhammad had more organized power and practical authority than Tapar. In one thousand one hundred and six AD, Muhammad Tapar conquered the Ismaili Fort Shadas and ordered the Boundi ruler Shahryar IV to launch a war against internal air invaders. Shahryarcharam refused to cooperate with Muhammad Tapar against internal air attackers.

Muhammad Tapar sent an army to the state to ban the leadership of Amir Chawli to teach a lesson to Sharyar. The one who tried to capture the Sri Qala but unexpectedly defeated them by Shariar and his son Qareen Swim.
To reduce this tension, Mohammad Tapar extended his hand of friendship and invited the ruler of Boundi

Shahryar to come to the capital Isfahan. Shahryar sent his son Ali to Isfahan. Ali impressed Muhammad Tapar so much during his stay in Isfahan that Muhammad Tapar offered his daughter to marry Ali. But Ali refused and asked Muhammad Tapar to give this honour to his brother and the heir of the Boundi family Qareen Swaim.
And Qareen Shoaib came later and married the daughter of Muhammad Tapar. Muhammad Tapar had a slajak room in one thousand one hundred seven Christians, which was an autonomous state under the kingdom of Saljoki during the era of Malik Shah that supported the Syrian governor Malik Rizwan in the battle of Ghabur River against Sultan Kalij Arsalan.

Who was ruling Syria after the death of his father Parrot I. Clige Arsalan was defeated in this fight and he was killed. Within one thousand one hundred and seven Christians went to the court of Isfahan taking a complaint against the Raees of late Minister Nizam Al-Mulk Ahmedan, son of late Minister Nizim Al-Mulk Ahmadan.
When Ahmed bin Nizam Al-Mulk arrived in court, Muhammad Tapar appointed him as his minister now. The main reason for this was the structure and respect of Nizam Al-Mulk. Muhammad Tapar along with his minister Ahmed launched a campaign in Iraq where he defeated the ruler of the past Saifat groom Sadaqata bin Mansoor and killed.

Muhammad Tapar sent his minister Ahmed and Amir Chawli Skao to conquer the internal fort of Al-Mut and Stawan but they failed to achieve a decisive result. And left the siege of castles. Muhammad Tapar died at the age of sixty six in one thousand one hundred eighteen AC.

This is how the thirteen years of power of Muhammad Tapar ended. In his reign, he worked hard to suppress the fort of insides and sacrifices. Muhammad Tapar and Ahmed Sanjar both were good, but they also trusted each other a lot. That is why Muhammad Tapar had given a will to his son Mehmood II to obey Ahmed Sanjar.
Muhammad Tapar left the rule of Iraq and Iran for his son Mehmood II. Whereas his brother Ahmed Sanjar was ruling Farasan and Transparent Lanhar i.e. Turkistan. After his father Muhammad Tapar, Mahmood II ruled these areas under his uncle Ahmed Sanjar from one thousand one hundred eighteen A.C. to one thousand one hundred and thirty one AD.

Mahmood Duim moved his late capital and after some time Mahmood Duim visited his uncle Ahmed Sanjar and government affairs caused many irregularities. So Ahmed Sanjar, go ahead and snatch the government from them. But his mother and the grandmother of Mahmood Dawaim expressed anger over him. After which Ahmed Sanjar appointed Mahmood Daim as his deputy.

And it was ordered that wherever a sermon is preached in the whole state of Saljooqia, the name of Ahmad Sanjar should also be taken along with Mahmood’s name. Ahmed Sanjar had no son, that’s why he loved Mahmood Daim very much. This is why as long as Mahmood Douim lived.
He kept ruling under the shadow of his uncle. At the age of sixty-six, Mahmood II, also died at the age of one thousand one hundred eighty-eight Christians, and with his death, the war of the throne began between his sons and brothers. While Ahmed Sanjar was already clearly ruling the entire Silljooqi kingdom.
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