What can be the reasons for heart failure?

What can be the reasons for heart failure?

Danish footballer Kristen Eriksen fell unconscious after a sudden stop of heartbeat during a match at last week’s European football competitions ‘European Championships’ after spending three nights in hospital where his heart was different. Tests are being carried out.

But doctors have yet to figure out why their heartbeat suddenly sank and finding out the cause of cold ‘cardiac arrest’ or temporary heart motion is their first priority. The match was stopped as the player fainted during the Euro 2020 football match. Professor Sanjay Sharma, Chairman of the Football Association’s heart disease committee and heart disease expert, told the BBC that ‘a 29-year-old young man went through a struggle of life and death.’ ‘We have to find out what actually happened.’

According to the British Heart Foundation, a very common cause of heart failure that can also prove deadly is an unusual heart rate or disorder. One of the other reasons for heart movement to stop may be ‘cardiomyopathy’ which can also be inheritance and it affects the heart muscles. The size or shape of the heart changes and its severe form in ‘myocarditis’ The heart is filled with warmth.

Professor Sharma said that Erickson’s heart will now be more complex scans to show that there are no many expensive scratches on the heart and no changes. Usually the scans of the heart of football players They don’t even have this kind of symptoms. This type of scan is a must in the UK and this scan is done every two years of age between sixteen and 25 years old.

Trying to identify the minor signs of a change in heart function and heart condition in this scan, but despite all the efforts of doctors, it cannot be 100% guaranteed that these scan can not be given any kind The complications will be known.

Professor Sharma said these symptoms don’t often appear in people aged 16 to 25 years old. ‘These symptoms usually don’t start appearing before 25 or 30 years.’
Sometimes these symptoms appear in football players during a match or they could be related to a recent illness and heart pressure from it.

When a person suffers from these symptoms some of them can be treated or cured but some complications are incurable and cannot be cured. Movement stops when the heart suddenly stops circulation of blood in the human body which reduces oxygen in the body and the human can faint and stop breathing.
This is different from a heart attack in which blood is stopped to the heart and often happens when a blood clot gets trapped in a ‘coronary artery’ or artery. Listen to the things that are not allowed to be shared with anyone in the podcast.

Ericsson isn’t the only football player to have complained of ‘cardiac arrest’.
In 2012, another ft player Fabers Moomba also fell unconscious on the field and their heart beat couldn’t recover for 78 minutes. Mark Vivon Fu played like Cameron at the age of 28 of Cardiac Arrest A heart attack proved to be deadly for former England football player and Tottenham football club coach Yog Ehgo at the age of 44 in 2017.
Crystal Palace Foot Club sports medicine expert Dr Zafar Iqbal said that ‘extreme physical strain or excessive fatigue increases the risk for players because their heart is put too much pressure on them and this can cause problems.’

Dr Zafar said that such a rare thing happens.
Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone at any time and it doesn’t just happen to healthy football players.
12 people under the age of 35 die every week in the UK due to sudden cardiac arrest.
In the UK, 30,000 people complain of cardiac arrest every year. Whose respiratory system needs immediate restoration and only one in ten people are confirmed.

Football players have a bigger heart than ordinary men and they work more effectively causing them to reduce the risk of heart disease, including ‘cardiovascular diseases’ or the closure of arteries Including. Smoking or unhealthy food abuse causes these complaints. But if the heart is under pressure for any other reason, such as lack of water, extreme heat or any other disease, the heart can be affected.

Every second counts.
Dr. Iqbal says the important thing is that an immediate effort to restore Erickson’s (CPR) respiratory system was started after AED was used ‘automated external defabberlator’ and this is the way every Someone should have the knowledge. They said that the defabberlators through which the heart is given electric shocks should be available in every school.

They said every second delay reduces the chances of survival by ten percent.
By putting CPR or chest pressure and using a method to fill air into the lungs from the mouth, the chances of saving a patient’s life are doubled.

Dr Sonya Babu Narayan, a consultant of heart disease and associate medical director of the British Heart Foundation, said ‘When someone is in cardiac arrest, every second of their life is very important, if everyone is trained to perform CPR.’ ‘If possible, many lives can be saved.’
Defabberlator machines are often available at airports, shopping centers, community centers and workplaces. These machines can be used by everyone and it is not possible to misuse them. This machine gives the heart electrocution only in case Is if it feels the heart needs it and the beat is sinking.

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