What are the reasons for the shortage of Panadol pills in Pakistan?

What are the reasons for the shortage of Panadol pills in Pakistan?

Panadol pills for the poor are Rs. 20 and Rs. 30 for the rich. Has Panadol pills disappeared from Karachi? ‘
These are the comments of a medical seller in Karachi and a resident on social media.

Panadol tablet from a private hospital pharmacy was available at Rs 20 per leaf because they had ‘old stock’ while the medicine was not available at a medical store in the city’s president area due to ‘shortage’ and customers instead Ponston was asking about buying a bullet.

However, this shortage is not limited to Karachi only. In this regard, there is also a shortage of Panadol in Lahore, the capital of Pakistan’s Punjab province, and according to a spokesman of the Punjab Health Department, ‘efforts have been stepped up.’

Shortage of Panadol is not a new thing in Pakistan. Shortage was reported earlier in November last year after which availability was only ensured after intervention of Drug Regulatory Authority (DRAP). Now, after news of Panadol shortage in the country once again, the question is being raised as to what are the real causes of Panadol shortages again in the country

Raw materials cannot be ordered from India and there is no facility to store them in Pakistan. According to authorities, the decrease in the arrival of paracetamol raw materials in Pakistan is being cited as an important reason for this shortage.

Pakistan Drug Regulatory Authority (DRAP) says most of Pakistan’s drug imports come from China and more than half of the industries in China are closed due to environmental pollution which has doubled in raw material prices.

Salahuddin Sheikh, President of Drug Association in Karachi, told BBC that “Pakistan raw materials of paracetamol are imported from China, the factory has been closed by the government due to pollution and raw materials have been imported from two other factories. Has been but the amount is low. So this drug is not being manufactured due to scarcity of raw materials. According to them, there is also a shortage of IBprofen along with Panadol.

According to Salahuddin, “Pakistan’s relations with India are not good, so raw materials cannot be ordered from there, whereas Pakistan does not have the facility to store raw materials nor does the government have the raw materials of these essential medicines so that in case of emergency, its Could be used.

Meanwhile, a petition is also being heard in a drug court in Lahore demanding action against those responsible for artificial scarcity as black market has created the shortage. More than four crore Panadol tablets were manufactured this year, Additional Director of Pakistan Drug Regulatory Authority i.e. Drip had told the court that more than four crore panadol tablets were provided to the company. The company was provided with raw materials to make another two crore more Panadols but it made only 17 lakh tablets. Skipped.

Regarding the recent shortage of Panadol in Lahore, Secretary Department of Primary and Secondary Healthcare Imran. He said that there is a stock of six crore 80 lakh Panadol tablets across Punjab, while 82 lakh 19 thousand tablets have been kept as stock in the provincial capital Lahore alone.
He also said that one crore 10 lakh in Rawalpindi Division, 88 lakh in Multan Division while 86 lakh Panadol tablets are in stock in Gujranwala Division.

The only reason for the increase in prices is scarcity?
Drip approved a price hike of nine to 15 percent in Pakistan, where there were complaints of shortages of Panadol and IBproof since November last year.

However, shortages are not the only reason for this increase. According to a statement issued by DRAP, contacting the industry, it was found that many drugs were not business-friendly due to low prices and DRIP has gone as far as possible. SKA withheld difficult decision to hike drug prices.

‘But when the scarcity of lifesaving and essential medicines in the market starts to rise, appropriate price hikes were taken for the wider interest of patients and the country.’ Galaxo Smith Klein (GSK) company from the paracetamol family in Pakistan makes Panadol tablets and syrups, Panadol is present in almost every home like other essential items in small and big cities.

From headache, fever, sore throat to body pain, this is considered the first treatment. Government of Pakistan has added Paracetamol Bamboole Panadol to the list of essential medicines. Dr Saeed Qureshi, Vice Chancellor of Dow Medical University, tells that parastamol is basically a pill for pain relief and infection treatment, use it whenever someone is suffering from fever or having any kind of pain, muscle pain It is done.

Is this crisis a temporary one?
Apart from Pakistan, news of paracetamol shortage in other countries including Britain, Philippines, India have also come to the media. Despite the multiple contact of Asim Rauf in the office of Pakistan Drug Regulatory Authority CEO Asim Rauff, his position has not come out.

Karachi Drug Association President Salahuddin Sheikh says factories closed in March are likely to open in China after which raw materials will be supplied and the situation is likely to improve. Riaz Malik, wholesaler of Lahore’s medicine market, has expressed fear that shortages are likely to intensify further. He says if raw materials are not available in the international market, there is a new wave of Covid or dengue after winter There is a possibility of increase in prices, in this situation consumption will increase and scarcity will be severe.

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