What About History of Afghanistan In Asia Part 2

What About History of Afghanistan

As the military shields are established today. On their order, the Greek army has started building a large fortress for the army on the edge of Sardaria. This is the place, friends, where today the city of Tajikistan is Khajandabad. Iskander-e-Azam built this area by Alexandria Skate, that is all. The city of Alexandria was given this name far away. This fort proved to be the forerunner of problems for Alexander Azam friends.
Because the Afghan tribes were still in a sovereign state under the influence of the Hikhamenshi kingdom. Even Darius didn’t rule them. These Afghan and Sithian tribes, who did not challenge Alexander Azam, thought that the Greek rulers would also attack after a while. K will go back and these areas will be able to maintain their sovereignty as before. But when the Prime Minister started building a castle on Sardaria, they all felt that these Greek people have come not to leave here but to stay. Now this They were not in any way.
So Afghans started a rebellion against them. And this rebellion was led by an Afghan warrior who had arrested his commander base and presented it before Alexander the Great. That is Commander Spita Manez. They called this move by the Greeks to the autonomy of the local tribes. Understood as an attack on their freedom, took up arms. The rebellion included Afghans, Central Asian people and Sathian tribes who lived across the river.
They carried out the first major assault on the Greek army near Samarkand and killed many of their soldiers. With this first major assault on Greek army, flames of rebellion erupted from Sar River to Balkh, in villages as well as urban areas. The people also picked up arms and began killing Greek officials or chiefs posted in their own areas. An ancient city of Cyropolis and its nearby towns near the river joined them in the rebellion.
The locals killed the Greek troops stationed in their territories and closed the gates of their fortresses. In addition, the rebels, in their thousands, established their new bases in the mountains and forests. The rebels became so active that they took over Samarkand and Alexandria. Skate k The passage of the Greek army was made difficult. Alexander the Great was obviously not one to sit quietly, he was a seasoned commander and he answered the challenge vigorously.
Alexander-e-Azam started attacks on rebels’ resorts in mountains and forests. But they friends had so much resistance from every fort which they never expected. Even attacking a hilly castle, they themselves attacked the arrows of the enemy. I arrived. An arrow hit deep in their leg and gave them a wound. The dead Plotorch writes that the bone of Alexander Azam’s leg was broken so badly that small pieces of the bone had to be pulled out of the body.
When the Greek army saw its soldiers injured, the fire was burnt. They started the massacre of the guards of the fort and the arrested soldiers. But the Greek thought that the brave massacre of the Afghan rebels would reduce the courage of the Afghan rebelling was absolutely wrong. The Greek people With every such action, the courage and passion of the Afghan rebels was growing. Now the situation was that Alexander Azam himself was injured and disabled from walking.

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