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Sultan Alauddin Khwarizam Shah Part 5

Sultan Alauddin Khwarizam Shah Part 5

According to some historians, security forces decided to fight Genghis Khan in the open ground and attacked him one night. But the Mongol soldiers were already alert. This shows that the news had already happened. The result is that all the women soldiers have come in the price of enemy. And everyone got martyred.
The helpless and beggar citizens, imams and judges advised each other and offered the keys of the fort to Changiz Khan. On the promise that the lives of the citizens will be sacrificed, but everything was useless.

The fort was also conquered and the women were also raped in front of their close relatives. Every resistor was killed. Strong and tough youth were taken prisoners. The city of Bukhara was set ablaze after taking out every valuable thing from houses and palaces. A cloud of smoke rose from Bukhara that even the sun got hidden. Genghis Khan did not stop for more than two hours in this city of Bukhara and went towards Samarqand.

He wanted to catch the Sultan but the Sultan had already gone there. One lakh ten thousand Turks and Iranian soldiers were there to protect Samarkand. The decisions were also very strong and high, so in March 12th, Changiz Khan started preparing for a long siege. And the population of surrounding villages and the prisoners of Bukhara were forced to work. On the third day, the guard forces attacked after stepping out of the fort, but the Mongolians pretended to be a Paspa as usual and when the squad came to their cost, a strong attack killed everyone.

The damage caused by this clash broke the courage of the armed forces. On the fifth day of siege, the Qazi and Imam of the city reached to the Mongols. And gave the city to them. Thirty thousand Turkish army got away from the Mongols by their own will. The Mongols welcomed them warmly.
They were given Mangol uniforms and they were also massacred two days later at night. Mangol did not trust the Turks of Khorzam at all especially because they betrayed their owner. A large number of citizens of Samarkand was also killed.

And many were made prisoners. Within a limited period of almost one year, Changiz Khan played a brick with the brick of the Kharzam kingdom. Sultan Allauuddin Khorzam Shah was hiding in the city one after another to escape from the Mangolas. While Changiz Khan wanted to make him fall in front of him at all costs.
Friends, did Genghis go back to Mongolia after conquering great cities like Bukhara and Samarqand? Did Genghis Khan’s Mongolian army succeed in arresting Sultan Allauddin Khwarzam Shah or not?

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