Short Biography Of Orhan Ghazi and Effort For Free State

Short Biography Of Orhan Ghazi

Improved the situation of peace and security in every corner of the country. Sultan and Khan had just been released from internal peace and stability that a fight for the throne in the Bazantini Empire. The Asian areas of the Bazntini Empire were already occupied by the Ottomans while in the European regions of the Bazantini Empire, only a part of Macedonia, including Thessaloniki and a large portion of Moria in Greece

While a large portion of the corrupt empire was already lost by Serbia and Bulgaria. This civil war has begun to weaken the embodiment of the kingdom further. When the Bazantini emperor and Naqus Swim died in 13th-Ectalis BC, only his minor boy John Pelo Logos and Queen of the emperor were present in the descendants. And Kentaguzen was a top state official he became the governor of the kingdom.

But after some time, Kantagosin announced his emperor. Queen Aina was displeased by this act of Cantagosin and a fight broke out between them. Kantagosin was well acquainted with the fighting skills and emerging power of the Ottoman Turks he consistently linked this Ottoman force to his interest despite sectarian differences and age differences and to strengthen his ties with Khan Daughter Theo gave Dora at his wedding.

And due to the current situation in the country, the military also asked for help. So Sultan and Khan sent six thousand Turkish soldiers to help. Kenta Gozin siege of Constantinople with the help of Turks. One year later, Fatihanna entered Constantinople. The queen made a forced reconciliation and formed a joint government. In which Canta Gozin and his Queen and Queen Aina and Prince John Pelo Logos were crowned.

Kenta Gozin married his second daughter to Jan Pello Logus, where he married his daughter to Sultan and Khan. This formula of joint government could not work for long. And then the civil war started. This time around Kenta Gosin intends to become a fully autonomous solitary ruler by eliminating all claimants to the throne. In the 13th Trippan B.C. Kenta Gozin then requested Khan for military cooperation and in return offered him a fort of Semp on the European coast.

This was the opportunity that only lucky people get. The same thing that was meant to be came in the swing of Sultan and Khan. Sultan and Khan accepted the offer and sent twenty thousand Turkish soldiers under the leadership of their elder son Suleiman Pasha to Kenta Gozin. With the help of these Turkish soldiers, Kenta Gozin has completely occupied the throne and became the only ruler of Constantinople.

Suleiman Pasha occupied the contract of Fort Samp which was very close to Kaila Poli and appointed the Ottoman Army. After a few days, there was a great earthquake in Abad Thres. Soleiman Pasha’s eyes were on wet bridge when the decisions of many cities were destroyed. The fort which was very close to Simp. Thousands of villages and towns were badly destroyed in the earthquake. Almost every building in Gale Poly has been destroyed.
Suleiman Pasha considered him Anayat Rabbani and on the occasion of the occasion, he sent his troops to Gela Poli. Immediately strengthened Gela Poly and occupied the settlement with Turkish families brought from Anna Tolia. Kenta Gozin protested a lot and wanted to take back Fort Samp instead of ten thousand shops but Suleiman Pasha refused. Because to the Turk Muslims, the conquered areas were owned by them.

Along with Gela Polly, they also occupied a few other places of Theresa. After the occupation of these two forts, the steps of the Turks in the borders of Europe were frozen. Gela Poly was the most important fort of the west coast of Daniyal Darra. And from this a new era of Turks history began. In thirteen hundred Chun Christian he first stepped into Europe as a conqueror and founded a great Islamic welfare state in Christian Europe.

Which spread from wet poly to viana within two centuries. There is a severe tension in the public against Qenta Gozin for entering Muslims into Europe. And everyone started calling Canta Gozin a traitor to the country. At last, he had to be deprived of his throne and crown due to the pressure of public opinion. On his resignation from the throne, John Pelo Logos became the throne again and ruled for fifty years, but he could not handle the condition of the Bazantini kingdom. Sultan and Khan conquered more castles, shorles and demotica during this weak Bazantini government.

John redeemed Demotica by reconciliation but Sultan and Khan occupied South Thresse. Crown Prince Suleiman Pasha played a very important role in the victories of Sultan and Khan. This prince was distinguished in the art of military service and army and the Ottoman family was of high qualities. He was very popular in Raya and deserved to be the right successor of Sultan and Khan. But fell from a horse while hunting in 13hundred and eighteen and left this mortal world.

It was a great shock for Sultan and Khan. Sultan and Khan had a great impact on Suleiman Pasha’s separation. And from the same shock, the second year in 13 hundred eighth, Sultan and Khan extended the Ottoman occupation a lot during their thirty to sixty-six years of power. He not only occupied the remaining territories of the Asian minority, but also entered Europe and conquered a large portion of the Thress and opened the door to Islamic victories in Europe.

History is mentioned about five to six marriages of Sultan and Khan. Except for the first Sultan Murad, the mother of Nilofar Khatun and his daughter Theodora, the information about all other marriages is either very limited or unreliable. Usmani had just entered Europe that Prince Suleiman Pasha and then Sultan and Khan one after another left this mortal world. After them, Sultan and Khan’s second son Murad Ol Masand became a spokesman for power.

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