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How cruel was Changez Khan? Khawarzam Saltanat Part 4

How cruel was Changez Khan? Khawarzam Saltanat Part 4

The attack from one of these directions was just to confuse the enemy and keep them unaware of other fronts. So many times it happened that the opposition army kept guarding the border waiting for the Mongol army and the sacrifices and information increased the belief day by day that the Mongols were coming that way but suddenly a large part of the Mongol army went for several hundred miles round Crossing the border from the other side and occupying a city.

Using the same trick, Changiz Khan conquered many cities of Kharzam. Among which Bukhara and Samarkand were very important, Samarkand. Since Kharzam was the foundation of the kingdom, Sultan Allauddin Kharzam Shah made special arrangements to protect it. Let us also tell you the geographical situation of the Khorzam kingdom here.

Two important rivers of Zion in the kingdom of Khurzam, which are recently known as the river of Jahoon, which are recently flowed by the name of river. There was a large desert Ghazal less than six hundred miles that was on the edge of Bahre Jhang or RLC. These two fell into Earl Lake while walking the river and flowing north and west of this desert.

The real power or defense of the health of the kingdom of Khurzam was two rows of large, large, closed cities spread on the banks of the river and Amu river. The Quqand, Tashqand, Atrar and Jandseer River and Tirmiz, Balkh, Samarkand, Bukhara and and Ganj Mango River were two such long strong defensive letters whose break was the most difficult for the invaders of the East and West, but the Mangol of Changiz Khan of the army. The fastest and sudden attacks around the river, Fasil Band city started to conquer one after another.

Among them were Quqand, Tashqand Atrar and Jind. Despite such a strong defense system and a large army of four lakh, Sultan Allauddin Khawarzam Shah could not save his country from the invaders of the Mongols. Sultan deployed a large portion of his remaining army across the Seer River and started waiting for the Mongols.

Along with this, Sultan also distributed the army to protect every city. Because there was no knowledge of when and from where the Chengizi army would appear and occupy a city? But this war planning of Allauddin Khawarzam Shah failed miserably. Sultan was camped at the back of the river Sir waiting for the Mongol army, but was unaware from which side the Mongols were moving? Basically these Mongols were moving from three directions.

On one side where China had kept the Khorzam army busy in Farughana Valley, behind it, it reached the Jeebi Noyan south side of the mountain glaciers from where the mango river comes out. Now JB Noyan has come from Samarkand two hundred miles away with his squad.

On the other hand, Changiz Khan himself appeared out of the deserts while doing a three hundred miles long tour in the Fazal Kam desert. What was really impossible and very fast was attacked on the steam by bypassing Sultan’s military defense line. Sultan Allauddin Khawarzam Shah, whom his opinion Sikandar Sani also used to call, was defeated by Changiz Khan on the war front.

The sons of Changiz Khan who were committing murder on the banks of the river health. There was only one veil. Under the guise of J.B.Noyan’s troops were moving from the south and the army of Changiz Khan was moving from the northwest. Muslim historians write that if Sultan Alauddin Shah had united his entire military force and came against Changiz Khan, he would have probably succeeded.

But now the surrounding of the Sultan was getting narrowed from the north west and south. Sultan once again divided his army, some sent to Bukhara and some to Samarkand. Some commanders were deployed at Bulbakh. He only took the emperor elephants and guard soldiers of his court and came out of Samarqand. With him was his treasure and his haram.

His intention was to gather a new army and he would come back but his expectation could never be fulfilled again. Changiz Khan surrounded Bukhara without stopping the desert of Qazal. This center of Madrassas is a city of Bukhara where the sentences were so strong that it was a difficult task to attack and capture them.
If all the citizens had settled that they would protect it till the end, the Mongolians would not have been able to occupy it for months. But it happened that the military officers left the citizens to their fate and themselves walked out of the water gates overnight. And the mangoes moved towards the river. The Mongolians also let them out but later sent their soldiers behind them. And they were killed.

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