History of Afghanistan Part 5

History of Afghanistan

This situation was also a problem for Alexander Azam because he wanted to go to India as soon as possible to attack India. Friends, India was not far away, because he had reached the banks of the Sindh River, but the swamp of Afghanistan was not ready to leave their feet. This is by Alexander the Great Twenty-two thousand more fresh army from Greece for the campaign of India, but they couldn’t send this army to India, but the army had to wave in fighting the Afghan rebels.


It is said that the loss of the lives of Alexander Azam’s army in Afghanistan and Central Asia was not even compared to the Persian Emperor, Darius da Great. Their army was so scared that they were afraid of drinking the water of the well that they were scared of the Afghans. A Poison has not been mixed. Sikandar Azam was forced to dig new wells near his army positions. But the surprises of Afghans are not over yet.
Friends, there came a winter that finally convinced Alexander Azam that he can’t win by fighting with Afghans. They must do something else. What was this incident? During his three-year stay in Afghanistan, the area of Balkh was the headquarters of Iskander-e-Azam. The Prime Minister used to return to his headquarters in Balkh to leave here for wars and adventures in summer and spend winter. Because winter in Afghanistan. A small situation of war The weather is not suitable for.
But for one year, friends, the rebels planned that when Alexander Azam is busy in campaigns outside Balkh in the summer, they will attack Balkh. So they did. Here the rebels killed a large number of Greek soldiers at that time. Dia. When the Prime Minister was not in his center with his huge army, the Thaonanians gathered the cattle for their winter food, the Afghan attack and took them along.
In this fight, Alexander Azam’s favorite singer Aristonex was also killed. The continuous attacks of the rebels of My Quince fellows had lowered the morale of the Greeks so much that the general soldiers began to become fristrate. Most of the time in the Greek military officers, I and I started beating. Even if it is Alexander Azam himself was so worried that once during his stay in Samarkand, he killed a Greek general Clitis with his own hands in anger.
In the second or third year of war with Afghans, Alexander the Great had learned one thing very well that Afghans cannot be defeated by sword. Yes, they can be won by diplomacy, diplomacy. So he did it to make war lords his friend. Efforts have begun. They soon got his chance. In a clash, an Afghan chief and some of his men were arrested during an attack on the mountain fort.
When the women among these arrested people were presented to dance in front of the Greeks, the daughter of the Sardar Rukhsana, or what she called Rukhsana. When Alexander Azam saw Rakhsana, they liked Rakhsana at first glance. Gai-Askandar-e-Azam married him and added his father to his allies. This marriage established the Prime Minister’s relationship with Afghans and the political position of Greeks is now getting stronger.
This was probably the first marriage of Alexander-Prime Minister.
When the local chiefs saw that Alexander-Azam and his army were starting to form ties with Afghans, many of them now moved forward to befriend the Greek army. Alexander-Azem to strengthen himself. Recruitment of Afghans and Central Asian people in their army in large numbers has also begun. This also reduced the resistance of Afghans significantly. The result of all this arrangement, friends, was that Alexander-Azam’s position in Afghanistan and Central Asia became heavier

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