History of Afghanistan Part 4

History of Afghanistan

But Samar Qand, which was the middle link of this supply chain, were also being attacked and Greek soldiers deployed in it, began to feel themselves under siege. The Greek soldiers in Qalaqa, did not go out of fear of Afghans, because they used to go out. He was killed by the hands of hide and seek. Friends, the interesting thing about this fight is that the Greek commanders and their soldiers were scared when they saw Afghans and Satheans because their hair and beard hair were long and they were so long and they were They used to increase the love of love

It is said that a Greek general also advised Alexander Azam that these rebels should be fought in the dark of the night. I mean they wanted to say that if the faces of Afghans in the dark will not be seen by their soldiers, they will not be scared. So in short, the rebels had already been terrorized by the Greek army and the soldiers had a moral down. But Alexander Azam did then. Even Alexandria Skate continued construction of the castle that led to the revolution.

While the Sithian horse riding rebels from across the river continued to rain arrows on this castle because this castle was in their range. Meanwhile, once, twice the Greek army crossed the river and also tried to hit the attackers, but every These people used to turn and attack again. Friends, then one day it happened that the rebels gave Alexander Azam a huge wound of their life.

Rebels ambushed a Greek army troop near Samarkand, which included two thousand three hundred and sixty soldiers. The rebels killed most of the troops in a fierce gorilla battle. Commanding officers of the army squad And none of the three Greek generals survived. Very few soldiers managed to reach Samarkand with great difficulty.


The attack was so severe that Alexander-Azam ordered that the surviving soldiers of the attack be separated from the rest of the army so that they could not spread further problems by telling stories of the unsuccessful attack to their comrades. After this attack, Alexander-a-Azam quickly Returned and advanced toward Samarkand, but when they reached there, the rebels retreated into the mountains near Samarkand. Alexander the Great was ignited by the tremendous actions of the Afghan rebels and their Central Asian allies.


On their order, the Greek army started mass massacre of local population. Many castles and villages were destroyed, thousands of locals were killed, their crops were also burnt and the survivors were made slaves and boys. But Friends, you see that the Afghans did not surrender on this too and continued to fight with the Greeks. The Greek army used to oppress the local population, the locals used to speed up their resistance against it.
The local population was also aware of the Greek army.


The common people had also built secret shelters in the mountains. Whenever the Greek army raided an area, the locals would have saved their lives by hiding in caves and secret shelters. The strong fight between the Greek army and Afghans. Result The regions of Central Asia and Northern Afghanistan which were the first example of prosperity became a picture of destruction. But still no party was ready to accept defeat..

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