History of Afghanistan Part 3

History of Afghanistan

Their army besieged Syro Police and its nearby villages, but they were facing severe resistance from everywhere. Alexander the Great was in bed, but they were taking battlefield reports equally and also explaining strategy to their soldiers. They were. On their order, the Greek army seperated each town near Syro Police and then destroyed every town.
The Greek army adopted a method that when they occupied any village, they killed all its men and brought women as girls. The rebels in the city of Cyro Police were seeing the end of their villages, but they still did. Don’t surrender but start adopting new tactics against the Greek army
He adopted this method to deceive the Greeks by giving their people a white flag and sending them to the Greek soldiers in the pretext of conversation and then kill them. It took a long time and one day Alexander Greeks stood up healthy. Now they were ready to take part in the fight again. As soon as they recovered, they started planning to occupy the Cyro Police.
He saw a drain-like path under the wall of the Cyro-Police castle, from which the water went into the city. Alexander the Great took some of his companions along and acted like commandos, swam in the water and entered the castle. After they opened a door to the city and the Greek army entered. Then in the city they began killing every person they came across. Fewer of the city’s fifteen thousand guards alive children.
The last rebel in the city also fought with the Greeks to the brink of life. Arrows and stones were raining from every street and roof of the city, and the advance of the Greek army was getting harder and harder and got into a fight, but this time they weren’t so lucky. Suddenly, someone threw a stone and darkness fell in front of Alexander the Great’s eyes. The stone hit deeply wounded their heads and neck and blood started dripping
They fell and fainted. Seeing their commander in the blood again, Greek soldiers lost their senses. They immediately built a roof of the shields and leaned on Alexander the Great so that they could further be protected from stones and arrows. After they brought their immoral king back to their camp under the guise of shields. Cyro police were defeated guys but the Greeks were killed by their supreme commander.
Alexander Azam was in such a condition for several days after his injury that his eyes were covered in darkness. And they could not even speak properly. Doctors used to bandage their wounds but the wounds opened again and again and the blood started dripping. Alexander Azam remained in the same condition for a long time but finally recovered. When Alexander Azam called the army again. When they took command, their army was trapped in a devastating war.
The revolt did not end even after the Greeks occupied Cyropolice. These rebels were continuously attacking the Greek army supply line. Here we tell you that the supply line of the Greek army started from Balkh from where Food supplies and more aid were brought to Samarkand and then sent forward to Alexandria Skate and surrounding areas where the Greek army was deployed

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