History of Afghanistan Part 1

History of Afghanistan

Two thousand three hundred years ago today, there was a powerful and great kingdom in the world.
In Urdu we know it today as the imperial kingdom and in English as the Acumenade Empire.
This was the first Persian Empire or Persian Empire in history. The center of this kingdom was Babalonia, i.e. today’s Iraq was in the west of the great kingdom where Greece is today, it went to its border and in the east, this kingdom was spread to the banks of the Sindh River. Many parts of Pakistan such as K Taxila and province. Balochistan was also included, then the current geographies of Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmanistan, Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Israel, Egypt and Libya were under the control of the same Accemined Empire.


You must have heard the name of the two greatest emperors of history Cyrus Azam and Darius the Great. Both of them were the emperors of the same kingdom. But then it happened that in three hundred and eighteen BC, the ruler of the Greek state of Macedonia, Alexander the Greek state, over this kingdom. Attacked. An unforgettable and time-changing battle of history between both armies, The Battle of Gagamilla. In this iconic war, the last Emperor Darius Three was defeated.


Then it happened that while escaping, he was killed by one of his own Afghan commander base. The Afghan commander base, who killed Darius III, has now declared himself the new emperor and continued the fight against Alexander Azam, but friends Alexander Azam did not leave him too and in pursuit reached the present city of Afghanistan Balkh. At this time this The city of Baktra and the surrounding area was called Bakteria.


The Greek army was looking for Commander Base, that his colleagues arrested him and presented him to Alexander Azam. An Afghan commander Spita Maniz was also involved in the arrest of Commander Base. Alexander Azam punished Afghan Commander Base with friendship. Greece. Give like this Twisted the stem of trees and tied them together and tied the commander base in between them. Then when the stem was left with a shock, the base flags flew away.

Because the Afghans start the real fight when a large empire takes over them. So alexander greek, in front of Alexander the Great, the Afghans fought a war they could not even win by fighting. What was this fight? Why is Afghanistan called the Grave Yard of the Empires? How did today’s Afghanistan travel thousands of years here?

After the Battle of Gaga Mila, Alexander the Great conquered all the territory of Central Asia over Afghanistan to the Sir River in the north. Now, on the other side of its border across the river lived the Sethean tribes, who were nomads. Alexander the Great was afraid that these tribes would not come to the Greek occupied territory and loot or support local uprisings against him. Alexander the Great decided to set up a permanent military base in the area to counter any threat from the Setheins.

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