History About Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi Part 2

History About Sultan Mahmood

There is a story written in the old books. That is that Mahmood Ghaznavi was told by people that the water fountain near the army of Jay Paul, if you put shit in it, it will start to get severe cold. And then Punjabi army who is used to cold weather. She will never be able to resist him and will not be able to compete. So, on the order of Mahmood Ghaznavi, the soldiers started throwing shit in this spring. Now call it just a coincidence or something else that a little after that clouds covered the sky. First It rained and then it started snowing. It snowed so hard the cattle at Jay Paul’s camp died.


Soldiers also started getting sick from cold. This was a disaster for Jay Paul. So Jay Paul requested Subukat Gain to reconcile with 10 lakh dirhams and 50 elephants from Raja. Subukat Gane was prepared immediately but Mahmood Ghaznavi opposed reconciliation. Seeing his son’s opposition, Sabukat Gain also fell into his mind. He couldn’t decide yet that a single elchi of Raja reached him. Elchi warned ‘Sukat Gain’ that if he had from Rajputun i.e. Jay Paul Destruction will spread on both sides if there is no reconciliation.


The reason he was told that a ritual of Rajputs is that they kill their wives and children in such situations and burn their homes and drown themselves in the enemy’s rows and drown themselves in a red storm of revenge Hi. After hearing Elchi’s statement, ‘Subukat Gain’ agreed for reconciliation. But Jay Paul had something else cooking in his mind. Jay Paul took some officers of Subukat Gain along with him and went to Lahore to give them ten lakh dirhams of ransom. We could pay. But the scene changed as soon as we reached Lahore.
He arrested officers of Subukt gain and started preparations for new war. This time instead of fighting alone, he sought help from other states of India region Delhi, Ajmer, Kalenger and Qanoj. With the help of all these states, J. Pal is a He reached Laghman again with an army of lacs. In response, Subukt Gain also came out to compete. He stood in a high place and reviewed Jay Paul’s army. As far as he looked, he could see heads. It was a huge army. But Subukat Gain didn’t have a big enough army to compete with him.


So he started a war trick. Subukat Gain divided his soldiers into the hands of five, five hundred instead of directly attacking. Then he said Jay Paul that he found places in the large army that were weak in his eyes. Then this The troops of five hundred only continuously attacked these weak places. Jay Paul couldn’t resist this technique and suffered a terrible defeat. After this victory, the Sabkatgin also received a heavy ransom and the whole area from Laghman to Peshawar, his kingdom Ghazni kingdom. Added to me.
Mehmood Ghaznavi’s military training in the fights with Jay Paul, but his father didn’t forget to train him morally. It is said that once Mahmood Ghaznvi built a magnificent house in his garden and a very difficult invitation to his own. Called dad. But ‘subukt gane’ when he saw the house he said to his son ‘I saw this house just like a toy anyone can build through wealth from my fortune.
Then he advised his son that the task of a prince is to build monuments of fame that will last forever like pillars of glory. ‘Sukat Gain’ extended the boundaries of Ghazni kingdom to the Afghan region of Balkh. At the same time. About one thousand thirty three years ago today, ‘Sabukat Gain’ died in this city of Balkh. When he died, he named his kingdom to his son Ismail. As soon as he sat on the throne, Ismail started looting wealth and wealth from his courtiers.


Here Mahmood Ghaznavi was not with him at the time of Sabukat Gain’s death. Rather he was crushing a rebellion against the common kingdom in Neshapur. He didn’t even try to snatch the government from his brother. But when he came to know that it was his brother He was looting the kingdom’s wealth with both hands, so he couldn’t keep quiet. He sent a message to Ismail and offered that if Ismail leaves the rest of the kingdom, Mahmood Ghaznavi will accept him as the ruler of Balkh and Khorasan.
But Ismail rejected this offer of Mahmood Ghaznavi. Now Mahmood Ghaznavi revolted in support of one of his uncle and younger brother. Mahmood Ghazni along with his army and allies towards Ghazni fort to seize the treasure and fort. Agree that Ismail was not in Ghazni at that time, he also turned towards Ghazni so that he could reach there before Mahmood.

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