History About Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi Part 3

History About Sultan Mahmood

And then see the coincidence of history that the two brothers reached near Ghazni at the same time and now the war started between the two to occupy the fort of Ghazni. There were elephants in Ismail’s army and apparently his position was heavy. It was. But in front of a frisky commander like Mahmood Ghaznavi, his army could not last long. Ismail’s army rushed quickly in the battle, but since the fortress of Ghazni was close to him, Ismail entered the fort with his soldiers and took his position there.
Now the situation was that Ismail, Ghazni’s fort and the royal treasury was occupied, but Mahmood Ghaznavi was there in siege outside the fort. But the problem with Ismail was that he could not use this treasure while living inside the fort. And that treasure He couldn’t even form a bigger army from outside using it. So after some time he surrendered in despair. The keys of the fort and treasury were also presented to Mahmood Ghaznavi. Now Mahmood Ghaznavi asked Ismail, “Tell me if you would win the war. So how would you treat me? “
Ismail said, “I would have imprisoned you in a castle where all the luxury goods were there.” Mahmood Ghaznavi also did the same. Ismail was imprisoned in a castle of Gazgan near Mazar-e-Sharif. Here he had every facility, but he was imprisoned. It was and that’s what happened his death.
Mahmood Ghaznavi was sitting on the throne at the age of 30, but his status was also the governor of the Samani Kingdom like his father. Mahmood Ghazanvi was in the Samani Capital Bukhara to show his loyalty to the Samani Kingdom. Send an ambassador too.
But he could not stay under this weak kingdom for long. In ninety-nine, he declared independence from the Samani. It could have been that the Samani would have sent an army to quench his rebellion, but Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi’s benefit was that Central Asia A powerful ruler of Alek Khan ran over Bukhara. He wiped out the material kingdom from the face of existence forever. Mahmood Ghaznavi married Elk Khan’s daughter and made him his ally. He was now the first official sultan of his kingdom Ghazni dynasty And he had formed an alliance with a powerful kingdom in the neighborhood now his star of fortune was about to rise.
But this lucky sultan didn’t like his face much. He had deep scratch marks on his face. After becoming a sultan, once he saw his face in the mirror, he became sad. He started saying to his minister, said of kings Your face is sharp looking but my face is like that the viewers will hurt. The minister said you should think that you have been seen by few people. Most people recognize you because of your qualities. So your face Pay more attention to your qualities.
So that’s what he did. He forgot his appearance and started new plans to expand his kingdom. Next to him was a golden bird’s nest. His idols were gold, whose temples had treasures of diamonds and cities I was piles of wealth. Prosperous India with fertile lands was staring at the eyes of Mahmood Ghaznavi. A powerful India was in front of him but then it happened that a vicious elephant changed the history of India, how? Is the story of Somnath’s temple the same as it is famous?
Why are the doors of the shrine of Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi missing? And why did the Sultan order one day that all his wealth should be piled up in front of him? All this will be shown to you but in the second and last part of Mahmood Ghaznavi’s biography but in the meantime you must tell us in your comments what kind of ruler do you think Mahmood Ghaznavi was? Watch the second part of Mahmood Ghaznavi’s biography here. Learn here how the Ottoman Empire became a superpower and see here how this great kingdom was erased from the page personality.

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