History About Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi Part 1

Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi

In the early days of Islam, it was the time of the Caliphate of Rashida that the Erini king came to Turkmenistan, along with his companions, after being defeated by the Muslims. It was the native region of the Turks. And while living here and marrying the localpeople, a few generations later the descendants of Yazd alike were completely abandoned. A thousand years ago, a Turkish youth from the same family was enslaved. The slave was bought by Alpat Gen, a governor of the Samania Empire, the most powerful empire in Central Asia. The slave’s name was ‘Sabakat Gain’. The same ‘Sabakat’ whose son we and you know as Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi


How did this little slave of the Turkish race and his son become unforgettable characters in history? I am Faisal Waraich and see who he was in the series we will show you all this. The slave ‘Sabakat Gain’ became very fast close to his master ‘Alpat Gain’ because of his bravery and ability. ‘Alpat Gen’ was the governor of the Samani Empire. The Samani Empire was established twelve hundred years ago. During its peak period, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and many parts of Pakistan were part of this empire.


But the story of the period we are telling was the Samani Empire. The ‘Alpat Gen’ was also made something of a samani ruler Abu Mansoor. That is why Al-Pat Gen rebelled and established a government over the Ghazni region in Afghanistan. And declared his freedom. This success of ‘Alpat Gain’ benefited his slave Sabakat Gain. It so happened that Al-Pat Gain promoted Sabakat Gain to general and entrusted him with the task of conquering other areas outside the empire. Sabakat Gain attacked the provinces of Multan and Laghan several times. These areas were part of the kingdom of King Jaipal. Sabakat Gain had also sent thousands of people from these areas as slaves to Ghazni. When Alpat Gen died, his son and successor Ishaq also died 2 years later. Now there was chaos in the Ghaznavid Empire, there was Chaos and it needed a capable ruler to run it. So the army and the courtiers, in consultation, put Sabakat Gain, the son-in-law of Alpat Gain, on the throne of Ghazni.


When Sabakat Gain sat on the throne, his eldest son Abdul Qasim or Abul Qasim Mahmood was only six years old. The same child is known as Mahmud Ghaznavi. Sabakat Gain had subjugated the small Ghazni empire to the Samani Empire and became the governor of the Samanis in Ghazni itself. All his focus was on training his son Mahmud Ghaznavi in both war and political. Perhaps he was preparing his son to be the sultan of the former. That is why Mahmud Ghaznavi was very confused during his father’s 20-year reign. He looked a powerful young man of reasonable stature. According to the books, he was so powerful that the gurs and spears he used were hardly picked up by others.


He was going to war with his father on every front. The first major test of his life took place in the battle with King Jaipal of India. Sabakat Gain invaded the kingdom of King Jaipal. Jaipal also went out for the competition and there was a great war between the two armies in the Laghan area. Mahmud Ghaznavi fought very fiercely in this war, Jaipal’s army also fought hard. But there was a problem with Jaipal’s army. That most of his soldiers belong ed to Punjab

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