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History About Sultan Bayazeed Avval Part 2

History About Sultan Bayazeed

History About Sultan Bayazeed Avval Part 2

In the last days of September, the United Crusade arrived in Bulgaria’s city of Nico Police, which was on the banks of the Danp River. And this city is also under siege. Sultan Baizid, who had been under siege of Constantine so far, lifted the siege of Constantinople and left for Bulgaria in pursuit of the United Crusader Army.
Along with this, he also ordered his relative and ally Serbian ruler Stephen to come with his armies to Bulgaria. Soon these two rulers reached near Neko police. Sultan Bayazid had about one lakh soldiers. This number was very small compared to European crusaders.

But in terms of military system and weapons they had control over Europeans. Now the United Crusade and the Ottoman Army were face to face but before the war began some differences have emerged between the Sugus Man and the other Roman Army soldiers. Sixs Man had a lot of experience fighting with the Ottoman Army.
That’s why he preferred not to initiate the attack but to wait until the Ottoman Army attacked. But the rest of the army chiefs were not in favor of this wait. He ordered his troops to attack without waiting. Sultan Baizid organized his army on a mountain slope in such a way that a group of pirates on the first line of defense and a group of archery on the second line of defense was behind.

Whereas Sultan himself was present with his squad on the third line of defense behind this archery squad. While this hand had a squad of Anatolian soldiers. And on the right hand was a squad of Serbian Balkan soldiers led by Stephen. The crusader army was organized in two lines of defense against Sultan Bayazid. In which the front line of defense was led by the Roman military commander and the rear line of defense was lead by Sagsman himself.

The crusader forces the Ottoman army in the first attack and the Usman army began to retreat. Crusaders were chasing them very fast in pursuit of the Ottoman Army. And in the same pursuit, she came to the price of the Ottoman Army in the hill slope. This part of the crusader army was defending, but slowly the Ottomans were dominating them.

Meanwhile, the military force of Sagisman also reached the slope of the mountain and started trying to pull out the besieged troops. The same left and right armies of the Ottoman army attacked them and surrounded them too. Now the whole crusader army was surrounded by Ottoman army.

Many crusaders were killed. Many defeated soldiers ran away. And many were arrested including their commanders. Shah Hungri Cuss Man also managed to run away after saving his life with great difficulty. In this war, the Ottomans hands have lost a lot of wealth. France’s big rich man got arrested in a war that had the name of Count Danifel to top the list.

Sultan Baizid released these prisoners. The account denifer has also been released as a ransom. The one who swore that he will never come back for war. To celebrate this victory, Baizid established the great Jamia Masjid Olo Jamia in the capital Russia. Baizid’s success has raised his courage even more and now he is dreaming of conquering Italy.

Sultan continued the pursuit of crusaders in Balkani region so that they do not have the courage to return to any field again. After Bulgaria under the influence of this fear, Bosnia also accepted the obedience of Ottoman wealth. In addition, the Sultan demanded to punish the Emperor of Constantinople that he hand over some of his documents.

But on the refusal of the emperor, the Sultan again besieged the city. Now there was no power in the European Balkan region that could resist Sultan Bayazeed.
So Sultan Bayzid became the title of Sultan Rome but meanwhile a power in the East was rising that Balkan was about to demolish this rogue of Sultan Rome Sultan Bayzid, considered a symbol of fear in Europe. It was that power which not only defeated the undefeated Sultan but also imprisoned him. And all the terror and dominance of the Sultan was mixed into dust.

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