History About Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar Part 4

History About Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar

People used to come to Akbar to increase their wealth and fulfill other desires. He was brought bowls of water on which Akbar used to blow and the sick people drank this water and hoped for healing. Akbar used to worship the sun with Brahmins. Was, bowed before the cross of Christians and honored the Jews too. The most Hindu class was happy with him in Akbar’s opinion. Akbar forgives the crime imposed on Hindus, banned the slaughter of cows and the Hindus in the court Promoted to positions. Even three of Akbar’s northerners, Maan Singh and Barbal were also Hindus.


During Akbar’s era, Hindu festivals, including Dashera and Besakhi, were celebrated at the official level. He also had Persian translations of several Sanskrit books including Mahabharat. Apart from religious measures, Akbar also performed several mechanical experiments. Some of which were successful. Like he Developed special wheels for running sticks and rahats at a high speed. He also developed a model of a machine that could extract water from the well and run a mill at the same time. Akbar manufactured a large number of weapons factories Get it installed as well.


Akbar usually erected a darbar in Fatehpur Sekri, Agra, or sixty kilometers away from it. But he also made Lahore his capital for many years. He built a magnificent fort in Lahore, which still exists in full glory today. And later Mughal kings also made some additions to it.Akbar built two buildings in Lahore named Khairpura and Dharampura for religious debate.Khairpura was for Muslims, Jews and firefighters and Dharampura was for Hindus.During Akbar’s era was for Mughal kingdom p Ware Spread across India.
Akbar had two weapons to spread his power. War and marriage. Akbar conquered a large part of Bengal, Bahar, Kashmir, Sindh, Gujarat and Dakan with the use of power in Rajputana, Akbar also supported marriages. He did Jaipur, Jodhpur And married the daughters of bikaner kings. With the help of these marriages, Akbar had mostly taken Rajput kings under his influence. While several areas including Chator were forcefully controlled. Only the king of Meiwar Maharana Pratap kept fighting till the end. Meiwar Mughals completely occupied the era of Jahangir.


But even such a big kingdom and wealth did not make Akbar a lover of luxury. In his youth, he also used leopards with hunting dogs to play hunting. This He raised a thousand leopards in his sanctuary. He hunted thousands of animals with a gun. He rode it with his feet on ivory. He took full part in the sport and was so fit that forty miles a day Tak could walk. Along with physical labor he also played chess to keep his mind sharp.


It is said that Akbar had created a map of chess in the courtyard of his palace which used humans instead of stamps to play chess. It was his physical fitness and mental abilities that made Akbar a powerful ruler and India united. A peaceful and prosperous country was kept. People of all religions were happy with it. That is why he was called Akbar Azam in history. Even today films and dramas are made on his life and he is remembered in good words. But death on such a great ruler Ka was frightening. In the last days of his life he kept finding ways to escape death.


Someone had told him that Hindu Sadhus prevent death with their own deeds. He spent time with these sadhus but couldn’t stop death. When he was ruling in sixteen-five years old, he was sick one day It has fallen. Akbar Azam passed away at the age of thirty-five at the age of 13th October. His son and successor Jahangir had one in the outskirts of Agra for Akbar. A magnificent cemetery was built on the area of one hundred and fifty acres, which became the last resting place of Akbar Azam. This was the story of King Akbar.

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