History About Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar Part 3

History About Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar

Baram Khan was very angry at the decision of inexperienced Akbar and it raised the flag of rebellion. But Akbar defeated Baram Khan in a short time and proved that he is no longer inexperienced. Soldiers of Akbar He caught Baram Khan alive and brought him in front of Akbar. When Baram Khan came in front of Akber, he was ashamed, he didn’t even have the courage to lift his head. He fell at the feet of Akbar. Akbar picked up Baram Khan and made him sit with respect. And he was advised to go for Hajj again after giving him fifty thousand rupees. Bairam Khan left for Hajj but on the way some Afghans attacked and killed him.


After the death of Bairam Khan, Akbar took his widow and four-year-old son Mirza Abdul Rahim under his care. After Bairam Khan moved from the court, Akbar selected and appointed scholars, Fazil and capable people to important positions in the court. In Among them these nine people are especially famous who are called the nine gems of Akbar or nine diamonds. Among them, Man Singh is the same expert general who defeated the brave Raja Rana Pratap of Rajputs in the famous battle of Turmeric Ghati. While the help of Twder Mill. Sa Akbar has developed an excellent system of taxing agricultural lands.


Unnecessary taxes removed on farmers and corruption of government officers ended. This administration of Akbar increased agricultural production tremendously. Akbar had prepared laws for every sector of life. Alcohol, prostitution and child marriage were banned. Boy’s k for marriage M The minimum age of sixteen years and the girl was fixed fourteen years. More marriages among Muslims and the ritual of Sati was also banned in Hindus. Akbar also conducted a census in his kingdom. Akbar was enforcing the laws of his own will in his kingdom but He was very fed up with the scholars.


The reason was that the scholars in the Darbar had become so powerful that they started interfering in the affairs of the kingdom. When Akbar got tired of the Ulema, one of his nine gems, Sheikh Mubarak prepared a decree for him in which it was written It was that the opinion of the King of Islam would be preferred over the opinion of the scholars. Akbar issued this decree and separated the scholars from the business of the kingdom and started making decisions on religious issues himself. In reply, the scholars disbelief against Akbar. K issued fatwa and a new uprising has started in the kingdom.


Akbar crushed the rebellion strongly and killed the rebel leaders or put them in jail. Two leaders of the Ulema, Muhammad Yazidi and Muzul Malik were killed by drowning in the Jamna River. During separating the Ulema from the kingdom. He Akbar asked his minister Abulfazl why not create a new religion by mixing good words of all religions. Abulfazl said that the idea is good but will people believe him. Akbar’s answer was up to the people to believe him or not. But by mixing the good words of all religions and creating a new religion, the quarrels between each other will reduce.


So Akbar developed a new religion called the religion of Allah which added good things from Hinduism apart from Islam. Among Akbar’s courtiers Sheikh Mubarak, Abulfazl and many others also adopted the new religion. Although this court religion is public I could not gain popularity but the simple people of India had so much devotion for Akbar that he was worshiped. You might not believe that the water with which Akbar used to wash his feet was used to treat diseases There were. Women used to come to his court to beg to become mothers and after becoming mothers they offered gifts in the royal court.

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