History About Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar Part 2

History About Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar

The biggest enemy of Mughals in India was the Suri family. Even after being defeated by Hamayas, the Surioran remained in power in the eastern areas of India. A Hindu minister of the same family Hamo climbed Delhi and Agra as soon as he received the news of the death of Hamayas and They were also occupied. He announced the new emperor of India in the name of Vikram Dutia. It seemed that after the Humayas, Akbar will also have to live a life of expatriate because Delhi was out of his hands. But Akbar’s guardian Baram Khan was not ready to accept defeat.


He took Akbar along with him and headed towards Delhi with Mughal army. From there Hemu or Vikrma Ditya also came out to compete with all his might. See the irony of fate that the two armies collided at the historical ground of Panipat. That is exactly it. Place where Akbar’s grandfather Zahiruddin Babar gained the throne of Delhi by defeating Ibrahim Lodhi. The second major battle took place in the historical ground of Panipat on November 5th, 2019. Hemo was leading his army riding an elephant. Soldiers on both sides were fighting bravely.


But Akbar’s stars were high. Suddenly an arrow hit the battlefield and hit the eye of Hemo. He was injured and fell on the elephant.  Anyway, whoever shot the arrow, Hemo K As soon as he fell, the war was decided. His soldiers escaped from the battlefield thinking him dead. But wait a minute. Humio was alive, he pulled an arrow out of his eye. Tied his head with a handkerchief and his children pulled his companions together to war again Started. But now there was no point in showing so much bravery because Akbar’s army had overcome the war.


The Mughal army wiped out Hemo’s companions and Hemo was arrested alive, chained in chains and presented before Akbar. Biram Khan, whose plan was this war won, was impatient to celebrate. He Akbar Said to the king, this is your first victory.  Akbar laughed when he heard this. He said, cutting off the head of the defeated and tied enemy is not bravery. Our sword is not this work. Will do. Take him away. But Biram Khan couldn’t risk leaving Hemo alive anyway.


The punishment for rebellion in this era was only death. So Bairam Khan beheaded Hemo with his sword. After Hemo’s death Delhi and Agra came back under Akbar’s control. Other revolts were also successfully crushed and some Peace and order was established in the Mughal kingdom over time. But the rule of politics is that the war of the government never ends. Akbar’s rebels were finished, but his guardian Biram Khan, whom Akbar lovingly called Baba, is very difficult for Akbar. Made it.


Bairam Khan was running the system of the kingdom by keeping the young Akbar under his control, i.e. Akbar was only the king of the name. All in all was Baram Khan. Bairam Khan started his own decisions in the kingdom. He asked Akbar’s permission Without him, an important courtier Tardi Bag and several others were killed. But Akbar was not in the influence of Baram Khan for long. As he turned seventeen, he removed Baram Khan from the post of Prime Minister and sent him to Hajj. Lamp.

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