History About Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar Part 1

History About Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar

He was the third Mughal emperor of India but no one could make the Mughal empire as strong as he did, but his achievements and ideologies led him to such an extent that he invented a new religion and became a deity among the people. People your supplications Start coming to him for intentions. His reign was an era of peace and prosperity in India. That is why he is still remembered as Akbar Azam in history. We are showing you the story of India’s Emperor Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar Whom the world knows as Akbar Azam.


This tiny dome and a chaputra of small bricks is located in the city of Umar Kot Sindh, Pakistan, about 5 centuries ago today, in the same place, the great Emperor of India Akbar was born. When Akbar opened his eyes, his father was the Lion Shah of the Kingdom of Humayun Delhi. I was wandering door to door after losing it in the hands of Suri. I didn’t even have enough money in my pocket to celebrate the birth of a son. There was just some musk which he distributed among his colleagues and at the same time said, “If I were the king of Delhi, I would be blessed.” Looting diamonds and jewels on a watch.


This is what I have at the moment. Accept it and pray for the child. One of the companions said King Salamat you don’t worry. This boy’s fragrance will spread all over the world like musk. Akbar to his uncle in Kabul at a young age. Kamran was sent to Mirza. But in Kabul, the shadows of death began to be shaken on Akbar. It happened that Akbar’s uncle Kamran Mirza revolted against his brother Hamayas. When Hamayas took the army to siege Kabul, Kamran Mirza did a terrible thing. Trick. He brought a four-year-old Akbar to the castle’s fiscal and tied him up with a cheetah.


Humayun was standing under Faisal watching this scene. He understood that if he attacked the fort, Akbar will be burnt alive. It was a huge ordeal for Humayun but he did not step back to save Akbar’s life. Rather, he attacked the fort. Kabul was captured and Akbar was liberated. Akbar was fed milk by maids according to the royal tradition. One of his servants who was not his foster mother became very famous in history. His name was Maham Inga and Akbar He was very obedient. But Akbar was not interested in reading or writing at all.


He was only fond of showing his strength. He used to challenge boys older than him to wrestle and often beat them. Akbar was thirteen years old so emperor Humayu snatched back the throne of Delhi from the Suri family. Just a few of taking back Delhi. Humayas died after a long time. At that time Akbar was in the area of Kalanor four hundred and seventy kilometers away from Delhi. There was a fear of rebellion due to the death of Hamayas. That’s why the courtiers played a small drama to hide the news of the death of Humayas. A loyal religious scholar was Mulla Beksi.


His body and beard style was similar to the Hamayas. The courtiers took him in confidence about the death of Hamayas. Then it happened that Mullah Beksi used to wear royal dress and stand in the shrine of the Royal Palace. People would think this from a distance. That the king is alive and making Raaya see himself. On the other hand, a horse rider was immediately rushed to Kalanor. This horse rider reported the death of Kala Noor and the king in chaos. The loyal companion of the Muslims, Biram Khan is with Akbar at this time. Was.
Bairam Khan heard this news, he understood the dangers coming. Instead of taking Akbar to Delhi, he held a ceremony in Kalanwar and announced to be the king of Akbar. Bairam Khan himself became Akbar’s minister and guardian. Now The news of the death of our people could not be hidden and the revolt started throughout the kingdom. Even Delhi was attacked.

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