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Changiz Khan And Khawarzam Sultanat Part 2

Changiz Khan And Khawarzam Sultanat Part 2

This message was a message from Changiz Khan which was very important in diplomatic language. In this message apparently the hand was extended for friendship, but the same message was also given to Kharzam Shah that your status is like a son in front of me. I mean you are younger than me. However, Sultan Alaauddin Muhammad bin Takish thanked Changiz Khan.

Ambassadors were valued. Many precious gifts sent to Changiz Khan as a goodwill. But the depth of Changiz Khan’s words made Alauuddin Muhammad bin Taikish to choke. That Changiz Khan has put him on a low level instead of giving his equal rank. And anything can happen in the coming days.
Now Sultan Alauddin wanted to know more and more about Genghis Khan. And what his intentions for the future was very important to him. To achieve this goal, he sent his ambassador to Mongolia under the leadership of Syed Bahauddin Razi.

When Bahauddin Razi reached the court of Changiz Khan and presented gifts, he was very happy and said to Alauuddin Taiqas, I am the king of this land from where the sun rises. And you are the order of the earth where the sun sets. The promise of love, friendship and reconciliation between us should remain firm. Traders and caravans should come from the parties without any reason.

The precious and rare things or goods trade in my country may come to your country and whatever is in your country may come to my country. Changiz Khan greatly appreciated the Kharzamshahi embassy and sent off a commercial caravan to Kharzam as an expression of goodwill friendship. This commercial caravan of five camels was full of gold, silver silk, raw silk and exquisite items.

The first border checkpoint between Khwaja Asif Shah from Mongolia was located at the landing point. Hakim Atrar Sultan Allauddin was the maternal uncle in relation with his name was Al-Najak. When this commercial caravan landed at the landing point, the shine of the caravan’s wealth covered Al-Najak’s intelligence.
If a common man makes a mistake, he himself or his heirs bear the consequences, but nations have to bear the consequences of the mistakes of the rulers. Al-Najak looted the property of Kaaba. And all the traders were accused of spying and killed. Sultan Allauddin was also given false information that this caravan had come for spying and was satisfied.

But he didn’t know that he had put his hand in the sheep’s roof. It is said that in the massacre of Atrar, no trader could survive except only one owner. That head somehow reached his homeland in Mongolia through a desert path. And the whole incident was passed by Changiz Khan.

What was it now? Changiz Khan Hakim Uttarar’s brutal act and started burning in the fire of revenge. But before taking any extreme step, it was appropriate that Sultan Allauddin should protest against Azam Shah for violation of Muslim international rules. The oppressors should really be punished and the victims should be given every chance.

Changiz Khan sent a three-man diplomatic mission Sultan Allauddin to Azam Shah to achieve the same justice. It should have been that justice would have happened, but Sultan Allauddin Khadim Shah’s compulsion was that Hakim Atrar Al-Najak Sultan’s uncle. And there was an impact of a tribe.
Sultan’s mother Turkan Khatun also did not allow any action to be taken against her brother. Sultan killed the ambassador instead of solving the issues and burnt the beards of the other two. This step of Sultan worked like oil on the burning. This step was like waking up the sleeping lion.

The betrayal of the ruler and the negligence of the Sultan not only caused the destruction and destruction of the kingdom of Khurzam, but the world and Islam also covered it. Sultan Alaauddin Khawarzam Shah and Changiz Khan was not based on a balance of common power but rather based on a balance in fear.
Allauddin Khazim Shah’s step-by-step victories had achieved a kind of psychological superiority over Changiz Khan. While Changiz Khan never considered the enemy weak and himself extraordinarily powerful. Both the ambassadors whose beards were burnt by the Sultan presented in front of Changiz Khan and reported the murder of the ambassador.

So, the measure of Changiz Khan’s patience has also been fulfilled. He climbed the hill of the Barkhan woman again and swore that he would not leave any kingdom in the world without making an apaj. So that there is no hand left that can reach the collar of Changiz Khan. There should be no language left that could be able to challenge Changiz Khan.

Now because after the trade relations ended, diplomatic relations also ended. So after returning to his position, Changiz Khan sent one last message to Sultan Allauuddin Khawarzam Shah. Whose tongue was extremely bitter.

The message was that you called the battle, you chose war for yourself. Now what has to happen will happen. Only God knows about this, not even me. After this message, Changiz Khan started preparing for war.

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