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Changiz Khan And Khawarzam Sultanat Part 1

Changiz Khan And Khawarzam Sultanat

For about five years, the war adventures of Jin-state and the victory of Zondo or Beijing had exhausted Genghis Khan badly and he returned to his native desert homeland under his loyal commander Maquli Bahadur. At that time, Genghis Khan’s age was almost over fifty five years.

Changiz Khan wanted to rest before a new war adventure or invasion, but when Changiz Khan returned from the war adventure of the state, the condition of the western half of his teenage kingdom had become very deteriorated. In the middle of 12 hundred eleven to 12 hundred fifteen because the focus of Chingiz Khan was the state’s victory, he could not fully suppress the conspiracies in the Mongolian region.

Among these conspiracy elements, Kachlok Khan Qayam Khan’s son of Sardar Qayam Khan of Thanaiman tribe, was killed by Genghis Khan in a clash, but some people Khan was still on the run. To suppress these conspiracies, it was necessary that Kachlok Khan should be found and his fort should be suppressed. So Changiz Khan started searching for him but this search of Kachlok Khan not only gave Changiz Khan to Kachluk Khan but also opened new doors of victory for him in the west. Naiman was the tribe who supported the enemy of Changiz Khan Jamokah from twelve hundred one to twelve hundred five.

After Jamoka’s defeat to Changiz Khan and death, Kuchluk Khan, who was the son of the leader of the Naiman tribe Qayam Khan, was burning in the fire of revenge due to the murder of his father and the occupation of Changiz Khan on his tribe. That’s why he was part of almost every conspiracy against Changiz Khan. And Changiz Khan was also not aware of this, but Kachlok Khan had just escaped.

After being defeated by Changiz Khan once again in twelve hundred and eight, this Naiman Prince Kachluk Khan fled to the nearest Khatai State. And the shelter has been found. Not only did this prince get political asylum here, but he also got the chance to marry the daughter of the ruler of Karah Khatai.

In twelve hundred and eleven Kachlok Khan turned his throne against his own father-in-law, i.e. the ruling ruler of this state. Kachlok Khan captured a Mangol border city of Al-Mulk in 12 hundred and sixteen, which was an ally of Changiz Khan. This was enough to challenge the reign of Changiz Khan.

The vast area from Tabat to the last limits of Chinese Turkistan was under the control of Kachluk Khan. His borders were on the one hand with the scholars of Khazam Shah and on the other hand the borders of Changiz Khan were being met with the state. Or it would be better to say that it was a buffer zone between Changiz Khan and Khwarzam Shah.

In the same year, in 12 hundred sixteen, Changiz Khan sent an army to JB Nayan to suppress Kara Khatai State and Kuchlok Khan. After a long war, Jebi Noyan removed Kachlok Khan’s power and cut his head off and sent it to Changiz Khan. With this victory, the Muslim tribes of Chinese Turkistan and the idols of Tabat also came under the shadow of the swords of Changiz Khan.

Now its borders were connected with the world of Islam due to the difference of twelve hundred miles of Kohistani strip. The arrival and departure of the merchants of the Muslim population around informed the two different civilized and civilized nations about each other. So Changiz Khan came to know that his western border mountain range was a natural obstacle between Mongolia and the rest of the world.

There are lush valleys on the other side where there is no snow, there are rivers flowing which never freeze. There are cities like this. Which are older than some state cities. Those caravans came from the western settlements which carried large swords with best chains. White clothes and red leather, amber and ivory, used to bring froze and red.

Changiz Khan was very interested in trade. He encouraged merchants of his land, including his Muslim Raayah members, to sell trade caravans to the west. He soon found out that his closest neighbor to the west is Kharzam Shah. The one who himself has conquered a great kingdom and its ruler is Alauuddin Muhammad bin Taksh.
Changiz Khan sent this message to the hands of the messengers to Kharzam Shah. I congratulate you I know the power and enlargement of your kingdom. I imagine you as sons.
I have achieved victories over Kara Khatai and many nations. My country is a camp of brave warriors where gold and silver I don’t need other lands I feel like you’re interested in encouraging trade between the people of both our countries. There are plenty.

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