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Changiz Khan And Kharzam Shah Sultanat Part 3

Changiz Khan And Khawarzam Sultanat Part 3

The information received from commercial caravans and traders was collected. Hundreds of war commanders’ flags appeared from all over Mongolia, China and Turkistan on one order of Genghis Khan. There were one thousand riders under each flag. At least three hundred thousand horses were prepared for the warriors.
Two highly expert and important commander like Jabbi Noyan and Subedar were with him in this campaign of Changiz Khan. In addition to this, Manjaniqs and security towers were built for the siege of the castles. And a large number of Chinese engineers were also part of this war campaign to keep them in Chalo condition.

Two lakh initial war troops were divided into four parts. Changiz Khan and Subedar were leading the first army of fifty thousand. The second squad of fifty thousand was led by Aktai and Chaghtai while the leader of the third battalion of Hazar was also Noyan. And the leader of the fourth fifty thousand soldiers’ war brigade was Genghis Khan’s elder son Joji.

Compared to this two lakh goat army, Allauddin Khawarzam Shah had an army of four lakh, according to the historians, which was gathered, Changiz Khan and his generals were also in danger that somewhere from Khawarzam army cross the river and their scattered Mongolians Don’t end it.

In view of this threat, Changiz Khan entrusted GB Noyan’s military force to stand by the roads coming from Kara Khatai. In the winter of twelve-nineteen, Changiz Khan ordered Joji to attack the Khorzam kingdom by giving a military squad to cross the mountains of Kohtyan Shan. That was a dangerous trick.

His purpose was to attract the Khorzmi army officers to this side. He was instructed to force the army of Kharzam Shah to pursue him. And so it happened. Those temporary army officers thought it was a real attack and put their troops on the border of Kohhtian Syria in comparison.

Jochi attacked them and hid in the mountain doors and vehicles and thus kept this Khorzami army entangled that side. Meanwhile, according to the plan, a Changizi army of one fifty thousand, which was led by Aktay and Chaghtai, managed to cut a long route and siege the city of Atrar by crossing the difficult difficulties of Jangerine Gate.

There was a security force worth twenty thousand in the fort of Uttarar. The fort was closed taking the people of the fort Al-Najak city. He had no choice but to do it because he knew his crime was so heinous that the Mongolians would not sit peacefully with his head. After five months of long siege, finally the doors of the castle were opened and entered the city of Mangol.

The victory of Atrar was the first victory of the Mongols on the humiliated land. Hakim Attar Al Najak was arrested alive because Genghis Khan ordered him to be arrested alive. Except him, no sub-soul got the safety of life. Either he was killed or imprisoned.

Khwarizam Saltanat
The city was removed from the pages of the city and the city was erased from the pages of personality. When the ruler of Uttar Al-N Chak was presented in front of Changiz Khan with his hands and feet tied, Changiz Khan ordered that this governor loved Sonia Silver a lot. That’s why he killed the unrighteous caravan people. Even today her eyes will be longing for gold and silver.

On the order of Genghis Khan, the melted silver was put in the eyes and ears of the Governor. From which the governor died sobbing. Genghis also ordered his three generals to climb Banagat and Jhang along with five thousand soldiers.

When the Subidar of Banagat came to know the intentions of the Mongolians, he closed the fort himself. The Mongolians went ahead and built the castle and war started. Subidar competed well but on the fourth day he opened the doors of the fort. And surrendered. Which city was Mangol going to give security to?
Women were separated and divided among themselves. And the youngsters were taken prisoners. Similarly, a part of Mongolian also captured Tashkand. After conquering the forts of Tastan and Banagat, the Mongol army headed towards Jhang where they met a Jari commander named Taimoor Malik.

Who was also the special commander of Sultan Allauddin Khawarzam Shah, but he also couldn’t save the war from the attacks of Mangolians. One of the major reasons for the continuous victories of Changiz Khan was his fast and sudden attacks on the enemy. Every soldier of Mongolian had several horses they kept changing them during the journey. This is how horses continued the journey without getting tired.

When an attack was intended somewhere, Mangol did not let it appear on the enemy. And the journey of weeks in days, suddenly fall on the enemy. Their important trick was to attack the enemy from many sides.

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